Planning: will be launched towards the trillion and 300 billion dinars as receivables for contractors

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The Ministry of Planning, on Monday, for the completion of the audit about a trillion and 300 billion dinars will be launched as receivables for contractors, stressing that it would be for that amount and a clear impact in the market move and rotate the wheel of the economy by about a year.

The ministry said in a statement received / balances News / copy of it, "Planning Minister Salman Jumaili discussed with the Chairman of the Investment Committee in Parliament MP Jawad al-Bolani and a delegation of businessmen headed by Chairman of the Federation of Iraqi contractors Alsnava, mechanisms to facilitate the reimbursement of contractors owed by government measures for their the implementation of investment projects during the last two years have not been paid because of the financial crisis faced by Iraq as a result of falling oil prices. "

The Jumaili, according to the statement, that "the government seeks to reimburse contractors for liquefied by government bonds issued by the Central Bank of Iraq, after conducting financial audits by the BSA."

He added that "payment for projects that exceeded the percentage of completion where the proportion (85%) will be 100%, provided the contractor promised to complete the project entirely in will be paid 40% of the projects that the completion rate less a 85% dues," revealing "achievement check about a trillion and 300 billion dinars and will be launched to the beneficiaries will be the impact of this amount evident in the market move and rotate the wheel Alaguetsald about a year. "

He pointed out that "the Ministerial Committee on Economic Affairs has recently taken a number of important decisions and actions in support of the private sector and protect the national product," noting that "the Committee has developed an action plan based host stakeholders to see reality in each case and thus facilitate the task of the decision or recommendation may be necessary ".

The minister stressed that "the Iraqi construction sector is a key pillar in the development process of construction, which requires giving the sector the desired attention in order to be an active player in the expansion of the investment process in the country," pointing out that "the ministry has taken a series of measures that will support the work of contractors, including facilitating classification procedures for contracting firms, contractors and awarded rating required over a short period of time, while the last several months in the earlier stages. "

He called Jumaili, Contractors to "present their ideas and suggestions that would develop the reality of the work of the ministry regarding the work of the construction sector."

For his part, The Chairman of the Investment Committee in Parliament MP Jawad al-Bolani, to the "need to speed up the resolution of the issue of entitlements Iraqi contractors, because it will contribute to the revitalization of development movement after the case of large recession witnessed by the Iraqi economy due to the financial crisis."

He explained that "the investment committee of parliamentary ready to embrace and support the steps taken by the Ministry of Planning or the Ministerial Committee on Economic Affairs or any other entity aimed at supporting the construction sector and to provide the appropriate environment for the work of the contractors."

He called al-Bolani, government agencies to "increase the hours of work in the departments and institutions concerned dues Contractors file, whether they are in the Ministry of Finance or Audit Court or the Central Bank in order to speed in resolving the issue of entitlements, which takes a long time, which reflected negatively on the reality of investment in the country took" .

The statement said, "The president of the Federation of Iraqi contractors Alsnava accept a range of issues related to the construction sector, including the procedures for obtaining the identity of the rating granted by the Ministry of Planning and find solutions and treatments for projects stalled because of the financial crisis and address the issue of fines imposed upon, as well as the mechanics of the withdrawal of labor in these projects ".anthy 29 / a 43