Hammoudi threatening: we're questioning all official deliberately refuse hiring a national product

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Twilight news/House Member Humam Hamoudi Presidency considers Sunday his intention to hold and interrogate those responsible for operational and refrain from contracting with national products and tend to import goods that are unprecedented in the country.

Hammoudi expressed during a meeting with a delegation of Iraqi industries Union, pride in Iraq's relationship with all neighboring countries and the need to strengthen the better on all levels.

However, according to a statement his Office responded to twilight news, by saying, "you must not be at the expense of our industry especially after we succeed with some ministries of industry support initiative and the private sector."

Hammoudi pointed to the need to involve experts and the Federation of industries of this sector in meetings of committees of the House of representatives on wehiah opinion and Economic Committee of the Council of Ministers, as well as for seminars and workshops held with sponsorship from time to time. "

Hammoudi briefed on the Union's demands, consultants and adariha already submitted yesterday to the representative during picketing and rejection of free trade with neighboring Jordan.

Stressed by saying, "I personally follow the Convention with all relevant parties to ensure that they do not conflict with national laws and protection product decisions, the importance of working tax credits for equipment and raw materials that go into manufacturing and processing industry.