At the opening of an international scientific conference was attended by President of the Republic ..mash Water Resources rest assured: the Mosul Dam in safety

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In the presence of President of the Republic, Fuad Masum, the Minister of Water Resources, Hassan al-Janabi, the plug connector in the event of a safe, especially after liberation from Daesh, and does not constitute a threat of any kind, other than what was rumored over the past year, while the President of the Republic, for Iraq's intention, at the conclusion of agreements with its neighbors, on the water to ensure common interests.

This came in a speech opening the al-Janabi, the work of the "First International Scientific Conference on the Mosul Dam" organized by the Ministry of Water Resources, in collaboration with the cooperation of Iraq, international bodies, in securing the dam during the day yesterday and today.

The conference, the first official response to my work, the fears and warnings that were fired inside and outside Iraq on the possibility of the collapse of the Mosul Dam and the effects of the destructive Therefore, a number of regions and cities of Iraq, especially since the dam, is the largest in Iraq, as it stores more than 50% of the Tigris River revenues from Turkey.

The newspaper "New York Times" the US, he may early last year warned of the possibility of the death and displacement of more than one million and 500 thousand Iraqis, living on the banks of the Tigris, including the capital, Baghdad residents, if they collapsed Mosul Dam, and reported a concern about it with the Department American, which called for the World Bank, to the allocation of $ 200 million loan for Iraq to dam maintenance work.

The Minister of Water Resources, in his speech, said that the team triple-based maintenance dam, and the problem of the ministry and the company Trevi Italian, which was contracted for the maintenance of the dam, and the Corps of the US Army engineers to oversee the company's business, has done the necessary to ensure the safety of the Mosul Dam chores, which was renovated a comprehensive tunnel Overstuffing electrically and mechanically, and completed the import operations and installation of injection systems and Overstuffing best what is currently provided by the global market, are also being run into the tunnel and outside in the agreed places them on an ongoing basis for 24 hours a day, in addition to training Iraqi operators on modern devices.

Janabi said that, after the liberation of the dam from the control of the organization Daesh, has been made an extraordinary government effort, and under the direct supervision of the prime minister, Haidar al-Abbadi, to address the situation of the dam, was the signing of a contract with the Italian Trevi company for the maintenance of the dam and the agreement with the US Army Corps of Engineers, to oversee the acts of the company and with financial support from the US government, and added: we are interested in the safety of all our facilities, Mosul dam precisely its old and undiagnosed technical problem in the geological layers that fall under the body of the dam, there are gypsum components of these layers, dissolve in water, which creates some of the blanks.

He added: So we're injected textured concrete harden immediately after being injected, so close that Alfrgat and ensure the safety of the dam, and now we are continuing to address. Janabi stressed that, Mosul Dam is the most important and largest dam in Iraq is one of the infrastructure major in it, as it provides services for each country on the Tigris and through the blather to the Euphrates River, and therefore, it is in our interest that there be a check on all matters relating to the safety of the dam.

The Minister of resources, to the creation of the neighboring countries in the eighties, large dams network, is what led to the decrease in water revenues, and that the entry of Iraq in the tunnel of wars, violence and abuse and political persecution and disputes with geographical proximity, also led to the neglect of the priorities of the country's water, agricultural, turned Iraq to importer of food by more than 70% of its needs, and to a negative recipient of the results and the actions and activities, without being given an conditions of transition to a watery actually scarce, in light of competition is unprecedented on water resources, and the result was shattering the country's economic capabilities and infrastructure, and the subsequent of terrorism.

For his part, President of the Republic, Fuad Masum, in his speech, said that Iraq plans to seal water agreements with neighboring countries, the fact that the excesses of these countries, it may hurt the country's economy.

The minister al-Janabi, had appeared optimistic at this level, in an interview (to the extent), on the sidelines of the conference, the success of his recent visit confirmed to the Turkish capital, Ankara, and his meeting with Turkish officials, especially with regard to securing water our holdings in the Tigris River, which sees an important impetus to be given this dam special attention to the incidence geographically under Turkish Ilisu dam, which is being completed in the upstream.

The expert and former adviser at the Ministry of Water Resources, Abdul Aoun Thiab, had explained earlier in an interview (to the extent), said that "to say the possibility of the collapse of the Mosul Dam, involves a combination between truth and lie", adding that "the truth is that the dam, Brown soluble water gypsum blocks, so the recommended consultant supervisor of the dam in the eighties of the last century, by injecting cement inside the cavities you get, as a result of this and continuity, and officially documented and does not accept the debate, according to the word Diab, but cool got the injection process after the year 2003, as injections stop the dam for 45 days due to the control of the organization Daesh it.

Diab also regretted the fact that "talking about the collapse of the dam, reached the level of social networking sites by non-professionals, thus creating a kind of anxiety and confusion without knowing the details about my specialty and my knowledge by those involved."

Congress continues its work today, too, the safety of the dam analyze the way, "My FM Aye," International Cooperation in aquatic areas, and technology-based and looking in the works Overstuffing, the World Bank's role in the maintenance of the dam, in addition to the role of the United Nations Development Programme in Iraq, and designs foundations of hydro power plants and maintenance of curtain Overstuffing and assess the status of the dam in the light of recent changes, with the establishment of a network for continuous monitoring and early warning system Aljyotkink, the quantity and quality of water in the Mosul dam.