Rafidain Bank released credits worth 40 million and advertising controls and help get them

2017-03-19 at 09:10

Baghdad scales news

Rafidain Bank, decided on Sunday, granting loans for the purchase of residential units in residential investment projects are funded.

The Bank said in a statement/balance news/copy, he "decided to give loans for those projects to support personnel and citizens amounting to 60% completion rates."

Reporting segments called "visit site and its branches spread in Baghdad and the provinces for instructions on this."

1. the General conditions and controls

-In the event that the student loan employees:

To be on permanent staffing service continues with a book endorsement of his circle and muwashshah signed President of the Chamber.

To cover 50% of the total salary premium amount, monthly interest

Not to be a residential loan received both from the Rafidain Bank or other banks or Bank.

Determines the amount of the loan on the basis of (100) nominal salary does not exceed the ceiling (75) million dinars, if the employee's nominal salary student loan (400) thousand dinars per month is granted a loan of no more than 40 million dinars in case his desire.

B-in the event that the student loan a citizen:

1. to have Iraqi nationality who have completed 18 years and full legal capacity.
2. submit supporting documents (civil status identity certificate of nationality residence card) or national card.
3. to sign a pledge not to grant supported the loan of our bank or good Bank or any other banks.
4. the amount of the loan (40) million.

C-loan 15 years paid off with interest over (180) premium to the straight line method (hard) and the beginning of the month that follows the month grants

D-loan (10%) Ten percent annually.

5. the borrower mortgage bond within a maximum period (6 months) from the date of receipt of the loan.

And-be premium deduction resulting from the borrower via electronic payment tools if possible.

G-guarantee real estate mortgage loan after registering on behalf of the borrower to the Bank plus guarantor for loans granted to citizens of other employees and to have permanent staffing employee or customer has documented a real estate guarantee banking facilities or provision of a Bill while demand certified by the notary in the event of non-payment by Bill of Exchange is performed three consecutive instalments have competent implementation service without warning.

H-100 loan amount granted the housing unit building price contract between employee and company construction worker to put him (front + all premiums paid in cash by the borrower before loan)

I-site tests on the property according to the identity and image archives under him (bond) a new real estate registration department or the relevant investment by a Committee comprised of (public administration officer/branch disclosure Committee/national expert/representative of the company's resident engineer service) supports the completion rates.

Proceedings on granting the loan

1. apply according to the attached form and fill models support employee service being an affiliate (if employed) and pledge of repayment by deducted from his salary and sent to the Bank-go add to the Bill while demand in the amount
Loan + 20% certified by notary service
2. a modern version of the constraint property in the name of student loan

3. the original copy of the purchase contract between the borrower and the construction company includes (price per unit) as well as the amount paid in cash provided to the company by the borrower
4. provide tariff documents
5. record requests in a special program written for this purpose and provides student loan with a number and a date for review purposes.
6. If the endorsements might obtain correctness wrote support any other gripping a branch manager considers necessary according to its estimates and full responsibility.
7. the branch audit all aspects of treatment and after verifying all requirements on the applicant and correctness prop real estate and other holdings
8. send the completed transaction statistic to public administration/Department of bank credit but supported section. Attached to the book includes a detailed table of grants
9. the insurance is performed on the housing unit for the Bank and the borrower's expense
10. not transfer ownership of the dwelling unit to others only after obtaining the approvals of fundamentalism to rotate the loan to others (the beneficiary) or pay the balance before the first reports pain ended 29/24