Deputy reveals the size of the financial budgets disbursed by Iraq since 2003
13:09 am (Baghdad time)
Special scales News
Confirmed a member of the House of Representatives Majid Chenkali, Saturday, financial budgets are estimated at more than a thousand billion dollars over the previous years exchange, but Iraq is still suffering the lack of services, unemployment and many others.
Said Chenkali, L / balance News /, that Everyone is waiting for liberation of the occupied territories Daesh "and the establishment of elections, whether provincial elections or the House of Representatives and thus will be the formation of a new political map However, he noted that "it is hoped that there will be political faces moderate address to the next scene and achieve something for the Iraqi people
He added that "political faces because of convulsions and intersections did not provide anything in previous years," pointing out that the financial budgets of more than a thousand billion dollars, exchange rate but that Iraq is still suffering from a lack of services, unemployment, corruption and others.
He stressed Chenkali, the need to "be politicians as much responsibility during the coming period during the next phase," .anthy