Deputy: increase the presence of u.s. troops is part of an Alliance Baghdad Washington

2017-03-18 at 12:59

Special balance newsDeputy in Parliament, Mithal Al-Alusi, Saturday, us troops presence on Iraqi soil, pointing out that it is part of the American Iraqi Alliance against "ISIS" and is allied with the armed forces.

Awdah said/"balance news, American forces stationed on Iraqi territory is part of the American Iraqi Alliance, as it is part of the international coalition against" ISIS "and is allied with the forces of the Iraqi armed forces."

He added that "the number is not enough for the Iraqi-American strategy needs", adding that "whether 2000 American soldier into a lion or a certain strength in Mosul, we need more of it, to activate partnership between the Iraqi armed forces and the US fight against terrorism."

And on the fear of the Iraqi Government to recognize the presence of those troops, Awdah said that "it comes from the fact that the Iraqi Government not believe in what I say and do."Local media reported earlier, the presence of 2000 us soldiers in the base into the Lion Air military in Anbar province. as well as the arrival of other troops to air bases in Salahuddin province was over