American forces arrive to my base Speicher and pristine in salads

2017-03-18 11:16

Baghdad scales news

A security source in Salahuddin province, Saturday, with the arrival of American soldiers to my base Speicher and pristine air.

The source said according to Al Jazeera feed from about "online", "the US special forces landed inside the biggest air bases in Iraq, North of Baghdad, two pristine base Speicher base in Salahuddin province.

He added that "more than 4000 us soldiers were evacuated from the base of the lion's eye West of Anbar province, Bakr airbase, South of Tikrit in Saladin province Centre-while more than 1500 soldiers to air base Northwest of Tikrit Speicher."

Military expert said Khalid Abdul Karim Gulf site online, "American landings in Salahuddin province, in Northern Mosul landings preceded in Anbar in terrible numbers very modern mechanisms are but preludes to enter more u.s. troops to Iraq to fight the Organization of ISIS."