Abadi first meeting with Trump: You wait for decisive support Baghdad Aktham


Preparing Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, to start an official visit to Washington, may be pivotal in determining the volume of cooperation and the kind of relationship with the new American administration, especially since Abadi will carry in his briefcase important files include resolving the battle of Mosul against the "Islamic State" (Daesh) and the upcoming elections and the future of the political process in Iraq, and be presented in the first meeting with President Donald Trump.

Abadi's office did not announce the official date for the start of the visit, while the Secretary-General of the Iraqi Council of Ministers on the Keywords, said in a press statement, said that "al-Abadi will travel on Saturday to Washington at the invitation he received from Trump, to participate in the Conference coalition countries to combat terrorism."

Among Keywords that "the visit bearing clear messages about the status enjoyed by Iraq among the world after he showed great admiration for the heroic turn in the fight against terrorism, the great victories achieved by and rid the world from grave danger does not exclude anyone."

He explained that "Abadi will brief the world during his participation at the conference, a major military achievements, and humanitarian effort of government institutions and ministries to remedy the exodus, and the preservation of the lives of civilians and the creation of basic necessities to them, it will also emphasize the importance of international support for Iraq in achieving stability and reconstruction." -

A source close to the prime minister's office, for "new Arab", that "Abadi focuses on his first meeting with Trump, and is seeking support from him in the crucial files that will be discussed."

The source said that "al-Abadi prepared for political and security-sensitive files, and need effective steps and support by the US president," noting that "the most important of these files is to resolve the battle of Mosul, the management of the province after its liberation, and file disputed the existence of the Kurdish peshmerga forces in the territories."

He added that "al-Abadi also discuss upcoming Iraqi elections a file, and the future of the political process in the country, which requires support from Washington, a key ally, according to the Strategic Framework Agreement signed between the two sides, as well as Iraq's role in the region and its relations with its Arab and Iran."

Promised political analyst Abdul Razak Nostra, visit "of the most important visits will be conducted by the Prime Minister, and that will determine the future of the relationship between Baghdad and Washington, the US support for Iraq and al-Abadi specifically."

He Nostra, for "new Arab", said that "al-Abadi, and under the current electoral competition and the build-up, and bullying and attempts to get external support from Iraqi leaders, during the visit seeks to renew confidence in the new US administration and with his government."

He favored political expert that "Abadi would seek the support of the American president, especially that Trump policy differed towards Iran, which makes it imperative for Abadi define orientations for the next stage," adding that "Abadi renew his allegiance to Washington, so has the support of the state to come, and would give her commitments necessary So".