Mosul battles revolve within 3 km as daash adopt a scorched earth policy

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BAGHDAD / Wael blessing

Dominated (friendly forces), the label that launched on the American forces in Mosul, on the march aircraft resorted to use regulation Daesh targeted by civilians and military forces.

The organization is going Daesh plane bombs towards the liberated areas in the left coast, and more broadly in the west of Mosul, where there is fierce battles about a month ago.

And expanding the organization attacks in the city, which Iraqi forces control half of it now, with the bad weather, which latter was deprived of air cover international coalition.

He attacked Daesh, during the past 48 hours, the joint forces mined a number of cars, including the (bulldozers) were part of the army's property before the fall of Mosul, in the summer of 2014.

Human shields

In the meantime, warns of Mosul, local authorities, the new tactic used Daesh to the rhythm of the largest number of civilians.

He says Hussein Hajim, Mayor of Mosul, during a telephone conversation with (range) yesterday, said that "Daesh combines all four families in one house, and put in the roof of the house-resistant aircraft, thus putting their lives at certain death."

Smart is contained heavy guns directed by American advisers and Western sources on fire spontaneously.

He says Hajim, near the theater in the right coast, "we fear that those shells acquire guns or aircraft," expected the presence of 750,000 to one million people in the west of Mosul.

It was the right coast, received during the past few months, a large number of displaced people fleeing from the eastern neighborhoods of the city before it starts the recent military operations.

And baptizing Daesh, since then, to use new methods to block the progress of the Iraqi forces, particularly since the area controlled by the organization in the entire city of Mosul has dropped to a quarter.

In most times broadcast radios, used by insurgents on a regular radio waves interfere in Mosul, which allows administrators in Mosul to see what is happening there.

It was noted confusion regulation movement in recent times, especially after the collapse of the lines in the block (the valley of stone) and government complex downtown.

The estimated security sources close to the military units, gunman killed in 1200 since the start of operations in the west of Mosul.

He said the federal police captain Raed Shakir Jawdat, a week ago, said that "the government complex restoration process resulted in the killing of 139 terrorists".

US and Iraqi estimates suggest that the number of elements Daesh, in the left coast, between 1500 and 2000 armed.

Sources confirm that the officials heard over the radio that the militant organization descendants of Mosul, according to the dialect, they accuse the foreigners fled to tenderness and "left them alone."

Planes bomb

Recently, Fajkh Daesh march aircraft used to spy, and started to attack Iraqi forces from a distance. And the development of the organization for the first time, a local explosive devices in the aircraft, the targeting of civilians in neighborhoods that liberated a few weeks ago on the left coast.

But the Mayor of Mosul says that "friendly forces in the international coalition, recently was able to control the aircraft to deploy anti-system."

The organization has withdrawn, during the past few days, car keys of the population, and around a large bombs explode at military units, especially in times of rainfall.

The attention of local administrator that "effective air cover retreat in times of heavy rain, the gunmen then starts attacking forces bulldozed bombs."

And spread black clouds in the sky of Mosul, because of the militants Daesh, burning of homes and government buildings. The organization also burned cars deliberately disabled population to prevent the Daesh Ptfajkhaha.

He denies Mayor of Mosul, it said those fires be to block all aircraft, noting that "the militants Astkhaddon political ground Mahroukh.hat they burned everything behind them."

While the battles stop

And it ceased operations, during the past two days, due to the intense rain, before it resumed again on Friday. The last stop is the second since the start of the process of editing the right coast in February.

During Altoagafin rushes displaced from neighborhoods of Mosul, taking advantage of the lull to the areas where the fighting Iraqi forces. During the 48 hours it has moved hundreds of families, for the first time across the Tigris River to the coast Left.

The estimated local official said there were "20,000 families now reside on the left coast, while the total number of displaced people exceeded the threshold of 100 thousand people."

And took control of military units, over the past days, 3 out of 5 bridges linking the two sides of the river. The US forces had just days after the start of the battle of the left coast destroyed all the bridges over the Tigris passers-by, an air strike was described at the time as "minute."
And allow the damage inflicted bridges, passage of displaced people on foot, while the Iraqi government and international organizations on the distribution of aid arriving in the West liberated about two months ago.

He criticized the Minister of Displacement and Migration Jassim Mohammed dry, a few days ago, the role of the United Nations and its affiliated organizations to the displaced people of the coast Right.

And forced displaced from the north-west of Mosul areas, to walk dozens Alkleomtrut to get into the military cars to take them to the shelter camps. And it left those families, coming from agricultural areas in the hand and Badush Ahamidat, behind a large number of cattle and cows.

Says Mayor of Mosul, said "There is a team of volunteers, mostly young people, they will go to feed and give water to about 15 thousand cows left in those areas."

The joint forces have announced the end of last week, edit Badush hand full control of the West Bank to Nehrdjlh.

The fighting now, in the heart of Mosul, an area of ​​no more than 3 square kilometers, which is threatening the collapse of most of the houses due to obsolescence.

It is expected Nineveh MP Ahmed al-Jubouri, said Iraqi forces have surrounded the old neighborhood in central Mosul, used another method to liberate the region.

He says al-Jubouri, told the (range), "The narrow alleys do not allow a major military operation, and must surround those neighborhoods, then rely on the security of information to hunt militants inside."

The military leadership, according to officials, a separate plan to restore control of the ancient region. Those measures if adopted would extend into the editing process.

But Attorney-Jubouri prefer "to go to other areas in Mosul and leaving older neighborhoods encircled."