Deputy for the Kurdistan Alliance calls for the activation of the national partnership, rather than to withdraw confidence from the current government
Monday, November 24 1 / Okrudolf 2011 00:00

[Baghdad - where]
Called the Kurdistan Alliance MP for the dry Ashwaq to activate the national partnership, rather than withdraw confidence from the current government.
She said in a statement summarized by the Agency for all of Iraq [where] the day that "there is a government of national partnership and genuine participation of all components and the Iraqi parties," calling "to work on assessing the performance of the government and the diagnosis of joints imbalance in addition to evaluating the performance of the government through the executive or legislative" .
And called on all political parties to make effective the true national partnership, "as it is better to withdraw confidence from the government," are required to apply the terms of the Iraqi Constitution, which "is a guarantee to achieve social justice for the Iraqi people." She said
She pointed out that dry "in the absence of social justice will generate an ongoing conflict and the marginalization of others will generate negative results."
The political scene wide differences between the political blocs, especially between state law and the Iraqi List, which witnessed their relations strained clear because of the dispute-winning implementation of the terms of the Erbil and in particular on the formation of the National Council of the Supreme policies agreed on the composition of the Convention on the Erbil that have emerged through which the current government, is that the leader Iyad Allawi's Iraqi List, announced on the sixth of this month, giving up the presidency Policy Board, accusing the coalition of state law "exclusivity absolve themselves of their power and achieve the national partnership."