In response to the call reference .. A convoy of wheel begins tomorrow for the relief of displaced people of Mosul

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{Baghdad} Euphrates News kicks off on Friday, a convoy of a thousand wheel bearing relief materials from the 13 provinces to the city of Mosul in support of the displaced.

The aide said the vice president of the board of the popular crowd particular Kazmi, in a statement received by the agency {Euphrates News}, a copy of it, that "the popular crowd will be on Friday morning, the largest convoy of humanitarian aid includes 1,000 cars from the 13 Iraqi provinces towards the city of Mosul in a campaign conduct for you launched by the leadership of the popular crowd last Sunday. "

He added that "Basra province topped the provinces in terms of donations after the launch of a campaign for you," pointing out that "the aid includes food and relief goods and drinking water and all the basic needs."

Kazmi pointed out that "the media directorate have a significant role in the build-up and media organization, as well as logistical support, and packaging of the Directorate of the Directorate."

The, the popular crowd launched a campaign for you {} for humanitarian relief to the displaced in Mosul at the invitation of the directives of the Supreme religious authority.

The representative of the supreme religious authority, in the holy city of Karbala, Sheikh Abdul Mahdi Karbalai, appealed to citizens to contribute to the relief to the displaced, saying in a recent Friday sermon: "Due to the proliferation of displaced people from war zones, and insufficient capabilities necessary for them, we appeal to citizens in various provinces to contribute as much as possible in provide the necessary needs of these displaced people and thus lighten their suffering, it is one of the best acts of worship to God, and what may be necessary for cohesion and solidarity between the people of one nation in crisis. "

He pointed out that "providing services and money to the fighters is a good thing, but also contribute to bring much needed displaced persons is one of the best acts of worship to God," he said. "Displaced Iraqi citizens and our brothers and the requirements of citizenship and national values ​​is the cohesion and solidarity among all the Iraqi people "one .anthy