Who is the Iraqi official candidate for the leadership of UNESCO?

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{Baghdad: Euphrates News}

Michael Aris and chairman of the Executive Board of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization UNESCO {}, on Thursday, the official list of candidates for the post of Director General of the International Organization successor to the Bulgarian Irina Bokova announced.

The list included nine candidates, including four Arabs are Egyptian Khattab, and Hamad bin Abdulaziz Al Kuwari, the Iraqi Saleh al-Hasnawi, the Lebanese Vera Khoury Aquih.

The other five were Azerbaijani Foolad Bulbul oglu, and Pham San Shao, and Chinese Qian Tang, French Audrey Azoulay, and Juan Alfonso Fontsoeria from Guatemala.

UNESCO said in a statement, will be listening to the nine candidates for the post during the first session after the bicentennial of the Executive Council on 26 and 27 of next April.

The winner will be selected in two stages gets in first on the approval of the Executive Board of UNESCO in October, the candidate then gets a second approval by the FAO Conference in November.

The term of office of the official mandate of four years may then run for a second term and Ojerh.anthy