Parliament recalls the tragedy of Halabja and date to interview the Minister of health and vote on bills {Extender}

2017/3/16 18:18

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

House voted at its nineteenth ordinary chaired by Selim Jabouri speaker and in the presence of 173 deputies Thursday, two and select the 30th of the month of March as the date for the questioning of the Minister of health and for questioning the Election Commission Chairman.

Information service said in a statement to the House of representatives received {Euphrates news} copy today that "at the beginning of the session, the Chairman recalled the jubouri House sad, tragic Halabja attention."

Hamma Rashid Ahmad read out a statement of the Kurdistan blocs Coalition on the anniversary of the murder of the deposed regime bombed Halabja County, pointing out that the Baath regime to wrest the oldest and one of the biggest human crimes against the town of Halabja, killing thousands, noting that "sons of Halabja have suffered from the effects of the crime despite promises to promote conservative reality."

And the statement about "sorry the Kurdistan blocs Coalition because the premier challenged the Federal fiscal balance, including funeral customized symbolic sums to Halabja, calling on Congress to pass a resolution to resolve the missing file from Halabja and allocate funds with complete administrative procedures for mind, urging the importance of the primacy of the concerned parties in Kurdistan public interest and find solutions to the problems afflicting the region.

Rankin mp Abdul Allah also made a statement on behalf of the Committee of martyrs and victims and prisoners called for attention to the province of Halabja and financially and morally and consideration on 16 March national day included in the law on holidays and national events and call Jordan's Ambassador in Iraq to denounce the criminal Saddam's statue, expressive of surprise of having a retirement stipend went to elements of Fedayeen Saddam and the Baathists.

Presidium decided to postpone a vote on a bill of Iraqi National Paralympic Committee of youth and sports and legal committees and institutions of civil society, health and the environment to the next meeting at the request of a number of committees involved.

The House voted on a Bill repeal of Revolutionary Command Council Decree {electrolyte} 1631 of 1980 and number of legal Committee due to the demise of the Revolution Command Council resolution legislation causes electrolyte stated that the death penalty is provided for in resolution became doesn't fit with the penalties for other offences of theft in Iraqi Penal Law 111 of 1969 number.

Then the Board completed voting on the proposed law run fast the month higher certificates of higher education and research committees and finance in order to accommodate State institutions the Academy and other institutions of higher education and scientific and research capacities in order to enhance the level of service performance construction in hilke riser.

The Chairman of the House Financial Committee names each of the ladies and gentlemen deputies Faleh Sari and Magda Tamimi and Haitham Al-jibouri and Masood Jabbar, Haidar Abadi, Hamdoon and fortuitous and Iman al-Obeidi and Bahauddin and Nora albegari for special investigative committee membership border ports.

And regarding the latest draw President Jabouri to talk finally about premier financial budget for 2017, noting the Council's keenness to clarify matters related to federal financial budget through the mandate of the Finance Committee.

His attorney denied Mohamed Al-halbusi Financial Committee Chairman flatly accuse Prime Minister about access of financial budget reallocation 2017 to pay ladies and gentlemen deputies, stressing that the current House budget less than the budgets of the Council in the past five years, noting that the transfers that have taken place in some 52 billion dinars budget was to cover the salaries of the staff of the House of representatives after lowering salaries, especially since the amount of Cabinet is not enough to cover their salaries.

Attorney Al-halbusi said that most of what the Government was challenged in federal budget materials belonged to a wide spectrum of Iraqis first and foremost try to raise staff salaries cut from 3.8% to 4.8%, which overwhelms the employees, calling the Cabinet to reconsider the appeal on budget, stressing the lack of door to door name poor as not to increase the salaries of members of the House, as well as reducing the salaries of top graduates from the House.

Meanwhile, Deputy Vice President of the Financial Committee in force Estrada to prime focus on simple partial budget appeal materials were unfounded, adding that the sum was spent during the year 2016 for House members reached 37 billion and 200 million dinars.

Turn torhan explained Mufti Government representative to the Council of Ministers shall give priority to essential needs, basic services and ensure the salaries and expenses of the weapon in the war against terrorism.

In the interventions of representatives, asked the Attorney on the relationship the amount added to the lower housing.

Mp Abbas Al-Bayati, commended the role of the Finance Committee in dealing with objectivity and professionalism away from contests.

Attorney Aziz refused to publicly accuse the Premier of House members stressing that the Prime Minister should provide funds for poor students and the provinces that suffer from poor services.

Attorney Masood Haider noted that 270 billion dinars was reallocating legal contexts for service areas and affecting the lives of citizens.

Attorney Salah Al-Juburi confirmed the invalidity of the Premier's speech on transfers and its overflow against the House.

Attorney drew on shoilh that the most trustworthy Prime Minister discuss points of disagreement on the budget act calmly and directly with the House of representatives without generalization.

Mp Haider called the heart to host the Prime lmnavshth.

He praised House speaker on Finance Committee for clarification on the issue of transfers.

In its reply to interventions, the House Finance Committee to transfer another 220 billion and 50 billion of surplus Finance Ministry allocations of total 2 trillion dinars each went to counterterrorism worth 25 billion dinars, noting that salaries were adjusted in resolution 282 for all House members and 54 billion have been reporting to bridge House staff salaries for two months only.

Meanwhile, the Government representative stressed that the Premier's statement can be considered the wording of the indictment and no corruption.
On questioning the President of the independent High Commission for elections at the request of the Mag Jabir COA Chairman noted the Jabouri to receiving a formal letter from the Commission dated 14-3 ensure that received a formal letter from the House on day 16-3 a date, stressing that what is being said by the Presidency of the House of representatives in session is a formal declaration of it, explaining that the Election Commission reported on the medical examination of the Commission and was granted a medical leave and other leave For 30 days from the Azadi hospital in Dohuk, stressing that the Office had proposed that the 24-4 date for questioning after having not been communicated officially.

Magda mp Tamimi warned of supervisory and legislative role presented to Council to decline due to the absence of those interviewed are required on schedule, noting the effort of the applicant questioning to collect files of corruption, demanding withdrawal of UNHCR for 60 days pending the conclusion of questioning in the absence of the presence of the President of the Office of the Council to be eligible.

In about the last President of the Council noted the receipt of a request for dismissal of drawer is a representative body of public information and communications on the agenda at the meeting, with a later deadline will be questioning the Supreme Electoral Commission Chief if his presence would be questioning in absentia, asserting that 30-3 will be officially scheduled to question Minister of health conditions.

Al-jibouri said about their selection Committee meeting for the independent High Electoral Commission Thursday, then decide to adjourn the meeting.