Rafidain Bank: we put a mechanism suitable for complex loans Basmajh and seeing a high turnout

Twilight News

4 hours ago

Hvvq News / Rafidain Bank announced on Thursday that earmarked for granting loans Basmajh residential complex branches saw a high turnout by the citizens.

Press office of the bank said in a statement, in a statement reported for Twilight News, that the branches of al-Mustansir and caliphs and Secretary, safety and Paradise inspired Zahra and pratha White Palace and the Arab neighborhood and Amil district dedicated to the granting of complex loans Basmajh and sees daily large numbers reception of citizens to obtain housing units and that since the announcement of the bank for initiating the granting of loans for the complex was completed about a month to give them all the apartments specific measures in record time.

He added that the bank develop an appropriate and smooth to get those loans to secure it in record time fast away from the daily routine and complex procedures mechanism.