Alheims: the government was forced to borrow because of the external costs of the war effort


Economy News / Baghdad ...

He saw in TBI director of the "TBI" Faisal Alheims, Thursday, that the Iraqi government was "compelled" external borrowing because of the costs of the war effort against al "Daesh," and as he pointed to the achievement of the proportion of the profits of the bank increased by 300%, confirmed go half to the Treasury the public.

Alheims said in an interview, said that "Iraq's security under pressure and this leads to the need for the government to provide funds to eliminate Daesh," stressing that "the government was forced external borrowing because of the war effort in charge under the last three years."

He added that "resorting to the International Monetary Fund is better than the world market because the interest rate is less," adding that "the government did not help the big drop in oil prices. This is the case in neighboring countries."

Alheims pointed out that the bank "has increased its profits by 300%, and we were able to maximize profits," noting that "50% of which go to the public treasury."