Mosul dealers open a commercial channel with the Kurdistan region after securing their areas

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Once Iraqi troops recaptured the last year the eastern outskirts of the city of Mosul from the control Daesh traders in the Kurdistan region began receiving a barrage of phone calls, as the owners of the shops and stores eager to get the equipment are well aware of where their lives will lie next commercial?

Says Azkn Mohammed, a shop owner in Ke you in Kurdistan, "before this mess created by Daesh I've never commercially dealt with the shop owners of Mosul, but as soon as the Iraqi army opened the way and gave the opportunity for traders here began all of them to work and we found ourselves suddenly we relations Almousliyn business with. "

The Mohammed now sent ten trucks from Ke you a daily loaded with rice noodles and other materials Amaiah. However other roads cut to the city of Mosul town Ke you in the Kurdistan region has become the largest shopping center with Berri Mosul.

During the past three years, the citizens of Mosul suffered greatly from the effects of the occupation Daesh with military siege and a fierce campaign for the recovery of the city but traders looked for ways during that period to the sustainability of the commercial movement reflective so flexible local trade to adapt to the conditions imposed by the war.

Now, after Iraqi forces drove militants Daesh from the east of the city it is currently fighting them and to expel them from the western part, also, the Kurdistan Regional dealers are preparing shops Mosul commercial goods.

When Daesh occupied initially the city in 2014 by local traders found themselves at a loss Mosul in search of new avenues of trade after it has been cut off supply lines to the city and became a trade very expensive. Where they had taken refuge in a timely manner to the Syrians traders who live their state originally the case of a devastating war and founded networks for the transfer of Turkish goods to Syria. And these traders can transport goods to Syria and from there the road becomes impassable to be transferred to Iraqi traders in Mosul.

During that stage set up dealers in Mosul relationships with other dealers in Syria, some 700 km at the border with Turkey, such as merchant named Mohammed from the Syrian town of Kells.

Mohammed, who declined to give his full name, says that during the weeks after the invasion of Daesh of the conductor got his orders from dealers in Mosul did not deal with them earlier asking equip them with everything from cooking oils to chocolate fingers.

He adds merchant Mohammed, saying "It was our business relationship based on trust I do not know their names and do not know their names and they know only that I own this company."

He pointed out that during the first days of the new business style that was asking him to Mosul, traders luxury goods such as cutting foreign-made chocolates as a brand QUALITY STREET British potato chips brand Brngelz that the Syrians traders stopped their request for a long time.

That changed after he became the transportation of goods across the tract expensive to start losing Daesh a lot of land through Syria and Iraq.

He said Ahmad owner to sell sweets in Mosul replace "In the beginning we had a lot of goods, but in the end was hit commercial traffic paralyzed and has become expensive and inexpensive, which is no longer available there qualities upscale desserts such as QUALITY STREET British and the types of Turkish".

During the first two years of the rule of Daesh Ahmed was buying chocolate and coffee through Syria from Turkey and further afield up to Lebanon. But now it depends on the trade in Kurdistan, also through intermediaries because there are restrictions on the entry of Arabs of Mosul to Kurdistan to prevent the open waves of refugees into the region.

Kurds now traders from the area Ke you say that their income has increased at a rate ranging from 30 to 60% since the deal began to trade with the connector.

He says shop owner cut Kurdish Auto Parts in Mosul spokesman Zanganeh called it after it was looted shop in Mosul, he began to use his truck to get the money the introduction of goods from the province of Kurdistan in Mosul traders being able to enter the territory without restrictions.

Zanganeh says he holds his truck from a store to sell wholesale in Kurdistan, "there are a lot of orders now, where Mosul has become dependent on Arbil .. I do now loads the truck with rice, flour, meat and other goods."

On the other hand, there is another commodity of trade reflect the devastation experienced by the connector, but a trade in iron scrap resulting from the destruction of buildings in eastern Mosul, and car bodies burnt areas and even empty cylinders releases that are recycled and melted down to be sold with weights in exchange for certain amounts.

He says local traders in Ke you that the price per kilogram of molten Covers releases sold for 4,500 dinars, or the equivalent of $ 3.82. The price of iron is sold for $ 80 per ton.

Iraqi army prevents this trade, but one of the Iraqi soldiers working in Mosul says that some security officials take bribes to allow the scrap iron that crosses outside Mosul.

all: the British newspaper Financial Times