Hakim rejects "international trusteeship" for the implementation of the settlement

03/16/2017 (0:01 pm) - The number of readings: 314 - Issue (3878)

Baghdad / term

Rejected the head of the National Alliance, Ammar al-Hakim, on Wednesday, the chances of international tutelage on Iraq as a condition of the settlement, and to obtain guarantees for its implementation.

The (long) published, in the number of Tuesday, the final version of (standard vision of Sunni Arabs on the historic settlement project). The document consists of 14 pages divided into four chapters spoke in the first chapter to give definitions of project historical settlement and profile its goals and procedures for access, with the first two phases are accepting securities of the Parties and ends at the launch of the document settlement within a period not exceeding 6 months from the date of delivery of securities envoy internationalist.

Under the Sunni paper in the fourth quarter (I / 1) on "the commitment of the parties to the settlement in coordination with the United Nations working in the Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) presented the final version of the historical settlement and all the appendices accompanying her on the UN Security Council for a resolution under Chapter VII adopts the final version of the document including the settlement prevents the intervention of states and organizations in this regard. "

Hakim said, according to a statement his office had seen him (range) yesterday, "it is wrong to take sides tribal leadership of certain political point but right that the tribes remain the capital of embracing all opinions and political orientations," returned the tribes most important Massadik stuck Iraqi social Pencejehm and preserve the unity of Iraq. " .

The head of the National Alliance that "Iraq is in front of multiple options after Daesh terrorist", calling for "attention to this point and go to a comprehensive national settlement of all joints of life and be reassuring for all industry Iraqi".

He said al-Hakim "We reject all international trusteeship calls on Iraq as a condition for accepting a compromise to get the guarantees," praising "the role of the tribes in the face of extremism and communication that has not stopped between the clans, who helped bury the sectarian".

In a related context, the National Accord Party, led by Iyad Allawi expressed yesterday his refusal to divide the province of Nineveh projects.

Hadi said Zalmi, a spokesman for the Accord Party, "at a time when mixed with the blood of the Iraqis, of various stripes, with the dust of the province of Nineveh, to release it from Conception terrorism and return to the bosom of the Federal Iraq unified, some of the vested interests are trying to kidnap the victory that became on doors pleasing to the ambitions of some states.

He said Zalmi, in a statement received (range), that "In line with this trend to Ajribt the interests of Iraq and Iraqis to escalate the division of Nineveh calls, which might have fed and supervised by intelligence regional countries under the pretext of the establishment of the provinces of sectarian one color is associated with the formation of crowds popularity of different names managed as It is audible by intelligence Foreign.

He stressed that "the Iraqi National Accord party strongly rejects these dubious trends and addressed in every way with a sincere national forces, a commitment to the unity of Iraq, and will shut down these schemes and those who made it."