State of Law: Abadi opened fire on the parliament and did not take into account the majority Ahrzina chock him
13:18 pm (Baghdad time)
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Confirmed the State of Law coalition on Wednesday, that the opening of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi fire on the parliament fully embarrassment to him , pointing out that it did not take into account the sanctity of Parliament As made clear that any government reforms can not be carried out without the House of Representatives and in line with its requirements.
The leader of the coalition, Jassim al-Bayati L / balance News /, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi may We are supporters Ahrzina in the House of Representatives when he spoke, yesterday in his weekly report on each of the Board that one," stressing that he was "Abadi said take into account the political majority supporting it
He said al-Bayati , that Abadi opened fire on the parliament in general, and we state law and had to be Araina to defend the government is strong persisting "But in this form that occurs when we have difficult."
He explained that, It was the prime minister wanted to speak on the obstruction of some of the issues and to raise and from him some points with regard to the appointment of relatives and even in the case of appeals
And talked about what his Prime Minister on government appeals, al-Bayati said, that "that has raised the issue of the appeal was lacking in many information is that the Cabinet did not appeal only to Mtbuniat clear
He continued, When the Council is required to submit to the sale of treasury bonds of $ 7 trillion the central bank will reject it, including the consequent loss of government funds from the sale of those bonds stressing that "the government was challenged legally
With regard to the Abadi talked him about the fight against corruption after salvation stage of "Daesh leader of the National Alliance, said that any reforms without the support of parliament can not be that there will be reforms and that it has to fit into the parliament requirements expressing his own question by saying: "when the prime minister bothered all parliament How will the reforms
And about what was said about foreign conferences Abadi, between al-Bayati, "the reaction of the Prime Minister yesterday it was clear against those who accused him of being aware of those conferences it is with the consent, through his denial that he has no role and has not been supported
He accused Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi Parliament to transfer 50 billion dinars from sensitive allocations for the salaries of MPs and pressure on the minister to appoint relatives stressing that he will not be silent about it and fight corruption
For his part, House Speaker Salim al-Abadi response to the accusations calling him to the parliament session open to dialogue on all those Altvasil.anthy