Kuwait Consul in Basra: are keen to open new horizons for oil cooperation with Iraq

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confirmed the Consul General of the State of Kuwait in the province of Basra, Yousef Ashour pigment, Kuwait is keen on opening new horizons for cooperation with Iraq in the oil fields to serve the interests of both countries and peoples.

The pigment in a statement on Wednesday following his participation in an oil seminar held under the auspices of the Ministry of Oil under the slogan {Iraq - the possibilities and the future of energy} "The importance of oil symposium and its role in the definition of the potential of Iraq's oil and its future and its impact on the region, adding that the aim of his participation in access to oil experiences in Iraq and to identify the future exploitation of oil and its derivatives in accordance with the orientations of the Iraqi government. "

"The symposium is an opportunity to exchange expertise and experiences with representatives of a number of oil-producing countries and managers of major international companies investing in the Iraqi oil fields as well as with those interested in economic affairs and business."

He said the Kuwaiti Consul in Basra that "the priorities of his work in Basra to participate in such seminars and conferences that achieve cross-fertilization of ideas and visions aimed at strengthening cooperation between Kuwait and Iraq."

For his part, Minister of Oil defect Jabbar told a news conference that the seminar aims to inform the world about the extent of the remarkable development in the exploitation of oil and its impact on the Iraqi economy, in addition to the importance of the province of Basra, which is the biggest economic resource for the treasury central government's biggest oil fields to possess. "

He pointed out, "the ministry plans to invest a greater proportion of the associated extraction and refining processes gas from Iraq, which has increased revenue and has become a source of neighboring countries" .anthy