Iraq plans to open a new land ports with Saudi Arabia

By Roudao 26 minutes ago

Roudao - Erbil

Director General of the General Administration of Customs, Kazim Ali Abdullah said on Tuesday that Iraq is planning to open new land ports , border with Saudi Arabia; for the resumption of trade between the two countries.

And Sundays past, Iraq and Saudi Arabia agreed on many policy and security, economy and trade issues of common interest, after meetings between delegations of the two countries' foreign in Riyadh.

Abdullah said, in a press statement, that "there is currently a single port (permanently) for Iraq with the Arab Gulf states, a port Safwan with Kuwait, and there is a will for the opening of a number of border crossings with Saudi Arabia for the purposes of trade between the two countries."

He added, "Iraq has a single port with Saudi Arabia, which Arar port which is currently used only for the purposes of gathering point for Iraqi pilgrims by land during the pilgrimage season, this is possible to open more than a new port with Riyadh and expand the volume of trade exchange."

It is noteworthy that the two countries agreed last Sunday in Riyadh, to open a new page in bilateral relations, based on mutual trust, and the reopening of direct border crossing points, air transport and to facilitate the procedures for the pilgrims and Iraqi pilgrims, as well as opening prospects for cooperation in the field of oil refining and energy.

The agreements also included, Saudi Arabia's contribution to the reconstruction of liberated areas of the organization "Daesh", and to encourage companies to invest in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, as well as finding security coordination in the field of intelligence and information exchange, according to the Iraqi Foreign Ministry said.

She returned the Iraqi-Saudi relations to normal, again, after a visit is the first of its kind conducted by the official Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir to Baghdad, in February 25 last.

The strained relations between the two countries, following the submission of an application of Baghdad, in August / August, to Riyadh, to replace its ambassador Thamer Sabhan, on charges by Baghdad to "interference in Iraqi internal affairs."