Transportation intends to implement the project " Hello Taxi" and installing meters in taxis

Section: Economic News Hits: 2 Published on: 14/3/2017, 12:07

General Company for the Department of Transport announced on Tuesday its intention to implement the "hello Taxi" project in the coming period, within a broad plan for the development of the private transport sector in the country.

The general director of the Ministry of Transport company, Charter student Ismail in a statement carried by the official newspaper "Sabah", said his company "and following the completion of the special project logistics procedures ( Hello Taxi), will be implemented in the coming period under the extended plan for the development of the reality of private transport in the country ".

He said Ismail, that "the project with a number of features, including the central link to all cars cab (taxi) which asserts that it will be one of the newest models to ensure the provision of full comfort for passengers, as well as the inauguration of a counter inside the vehicle, as well as the installation of surveillance cameras," he said, adding that "a lot of citizens Sevdilunha, especially in terms of security being monitored by devices (GPS)".

Ismail pointed out that he "will open an office in each of the Rusafa and Karkh, as a first step, to be followed later in the opening of offices across the country," explaining that he "will be the adoption of a telephone number can be wanting to get a taxi (taxi) during the short period of time, to reach the vehicle to the desired location. "

Ismail pointed out that "the project is implemented in most countries of the world, noting that the adoption of modern technology and private transport, will contribute to an increase of fiscal revenue accruing to the company."

He continued, that his company "will be the inauguration of the electronic optical marks of vehicles taxi registered with, in order to lend a sophisticated touch of civilization on the private transport sector," pointing out that "the past few years have seen the use of information technology to manage, organize and monitor the work of taxis registered vehicles has started numbering more than the 29 thousand vehicles. "