Islamic Dawa Party decides to refer Shahroudi, Night and support his authority in Najaf
Ahmed Saadi / Shatt al-Arab - 25/05/2011

Sources close to the Islamic Dawa Party, told the news that the Shatt al-Arab party had decided at its last return to the cadres of reference, Ayatollah Mahmoud Shahroudi, Night following the death of Mr. Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah, a reference of the deceased party.

The source said that the Dawa Party, and through intensive consultations and decided to return the confidentiality of its cadres to Shahroudi, Night, his authority over other likely for several reasons, political and domestic, including:- The inability of the party to coordinate and put it with religious references, seeded with CB partisan, for historical reasons and objective for the party, which is consistent with the same ideas be attributed to the late Mr. Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah.

- The inability of the party from adopting a reference the Supreme Leader in Iran to the causes and circumstances of Iraq, and the possibility of providing Shahroudi, Night figure with the roots of Iraqi and Iranian political and religious, and thus satisfy both Iranian and Iraqi-style uniform, where he and running Shahroudi, Night held several positions with which Supreme Leader of Iran Ali Khamenei directly from the post of Chairman of the Iranian judiciary before, and is a third position in the political hierarchy of Iran in terms of power and is chosen by the leader and also a member of the Assembly of Experts and the Expediency currently, and the other famous Shahroudi, Night in terms of belonging to a party invitation Mlazemth lessons before, and the first martyr Sadr.
- Favor the support Shahroudi, Night politically inside Iran, where it is known that the latter make great efforts to persuade the Iranian authorities in support of al-Maliki for prime minister and also his efforts to convince Moqtada al-Sadr, leader of the Sadrist movement and pupil Shahroudi, Night in the city of Qom, Iran to accept the support of the nomination of the President of the Dawa Party, Nouri al-Maliki for prime minister again in exchange for several ministries helped him Shahroudi, Night to take it away from al-Maliki in a political deal secret led to the process of forming the government after 8 months of complex negotiations. and ensure continuity of support for the party in Iran, where an artery is vital to retain the party reins of power for as long as possible.

- Ensure that the party control over the decisions of the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr and the market in his favor, on the influence Shahroudi, Night heavily on the latter, which is the only outlet to ensure that the current ally consistent and is driven by the objectives of the Dawa Party, even if more and more useful, and disposal of any friction or anti-or trying to dodge their formulation chest in front of the aspirations of the party.

- Make the merits in terms of discipleship Shahroudi, Night at the hands of the martyr al-Sadr at the center of the first consensus Party cadres and ensure the internal cohesion and use this core raises a ladder to the top political parties and religious through amphidiarthrodial support and common interests.
- Trying to get rid of the pressure reference in Najaf, where the latter began to declare something is something dissatisfaction with the method of state management, demonstrate complained of the weakness of the government in providing services and to fulfill their obligations pressing, which reached a peak in the non-reception of reference representative of the Prime Minister a few days ago . and provide Shahroudi, Night reference alternative as the information source confirmed the decision of the party in creating the atmosphere for the reception Shahroudi, Night reference fifth recognized in Najaf and this was confirmed among the seminary Benjv Ashraf said the Agency is to Shahroudi, Night began the distribution of sums of money on a monthly basis for the students of the estate like other references and there are serious preparations for his return to it.
In addition, an Iranian official bodies that have blessed the project, considering it a lucrative deal for both sides, is in the public service project. 1734