Deputy calls for fairness to open the doors of serious corruption "relief to displaced


Member of the Parliamentary Committee on the displaced and deportees Majid shankali, a corruption of "large" files and unsettled amounts allocated earlier for the relief of displaced people, called integrity and financial control to open this file being turned into "serious corruption" section.

Shankali said in a press interview in 2014 was ordered by the Government to grant refugee relief Committee headed by Saleh mutlaq formed in time nearly a thousand billion dinars, "Noting that" this amount 861 billion was disbursed the remainder of 139 billion dinars, not cashed.Added shankali 221 billion dinars, the amount disbursed $861 billion spent for relief and shelter for displaced people in all provinces in Iraq, including the KRG, "pointing out that" even the moment did not settle any of these amounts disbursed both ballerina cashed or the doors.

He continued, "the rest of the per diem amount has been distributed by the Committee of financial grants to displaced families," Noting that "such amounts disbursed as grants has been an adjustment of not more than 70%, the rest is not settled."
Shankali called the integrity and financial control to "open this file is important and who supposedly associated with a good cause but he turned into a kind of serious corruption which went through billions of dinars in the pockets of corrupt at the time that the displaced families still live in unenviable conditions in camps without any.

He was a member of the Parliamentary Committee on migration and the displaced, said Majid shankali (29 December 2016), having what described as "corruption" suspicion takes some UN organizations on displaced subsidy file, pointing out that about three quarters of the funds allocated for the displaced are spent on trips, the personnel of those organizations and sworn affidavits.