Najafi: regions on a sectarian basis risk
On: Tue 10/25/2011 9:15

Majid flood reflects the political scene and clearly, a severe political crisis represented by intersections articulated between the authorities, specifically between the legislative and executive branches, and perhaps the statements made ​​by the House of Representatives Osama Najafi, the last in which he pointed out that the Sunnis are the second-class citizens, and then call for the establishment of Sunni region on a geographical basis and demonstrate clearly that the political process in Iraq are haphazard and clear and explicit, Najafi held a press conference in Parliament House,

Said yesterday that "there is a distortion of some of the interviews and capturing some talk of the entire modern", stressing that he was not invited to "territory for the year, not in Washington or London or Baghdad will not call for this matter." However, Najafi said that "the regions on a sectarian basis a significant danger to Iraq," he added, saying that "the right of any province to establish territories and I am not haymaking idea." As pointed out more than one deputy to be put in place the regions and according to the claims of Najafi is a threat to the unity of Iraq, the MP for the Sadrist bloc Prince Kanani regarded it as a sort of pressure and threats, "Unfortunately, some of the political blocs and to gain their demands to resort to pressure tactics, threats and unfortunately Mr. Najafi, try to ride the wave but the reactions of people in the region of Western refused to subject the one hand, on the other hand noted that most of the politicians when they go to the United States see them asking the question of the division so they believe that this is the perfect solution ".