Missed Opportunities

3/14/2017 0:00

Hussein Tgb
in all rich countries have the form of planning for the future completely different from each other with most of his joints and in line with available in this or that country.

And find in that country advanced centers in the field of planning have undertaken all the variables that are taking place in the world, where it is harmony with the new investment of wealth that has taken place on the world.

In a rich country 's chances of achieving development accurately calculated, but most of them are in Thin opportunity to invest, in the form , which provides a higher degree of benefit to the economy.

This means that the search for new opportunity not be easy to achieve , but is making a very big effort to find a new outlet can be called opportunity.

And follower of world economies Egged missed opportunities , but in a narrow or almost non - existent in most cases, where specialized centers relay, in high concentrations, ranges provide new opportunities in all sectors that contribute to raising the rates of economic development in the form that is in harmony with the population growth in the country .

And when you talk about missed opportunities in developed country is found to be non - existent, either in our country, the size of the missed opportunities of all production and service sectors , without exception , we find a very large, and surprisingly we find a number of great opportunities we have, but within a closed circle needs to be real efforts to crush the outer framework through a series of measures and laws.

Also striking that the reality of missed opportunities in Iraq is on the opposite of the world where you find accommodate our all sectors are shrinking in the various countries of the world and can Nwcr of progress in various rich countries and a decline in Medanna economic.

Here , there is a need to have a minimum economic mobility real direction of the developed countries in order to seize opportunities instead of loss without interest, at a time when population growth size is too large and needs to be real growth meets the needs of the human expansion in Iraq.

This is not impossible in a country that is globally the richest natural resources relative to the size of the population in the kilometer per square.

Iraq desperately needs the transfer of successful international experiences and to begin the establishment of specialized centers of planning to determine the priorities and mechanisms of action in all sectors and can invest here big desire in the global effort developed to work in Iraq to be able to achieve the goals and limit the loss of opportunities.