Minister of Justice for Sacco: Law maintained the property of Christians
BAGHDAD / morning ,
Justice Minister Haider al - Zamili, on Sunday, that the application of the laws and follow the corrupt rather than manipulate the property of Iraqis in general and Christians in particular, while pointing out that the liberation of Mosul fully will see a quick return of the Chambers of the ministry in order to bring life to the city.
According to a ministry statement, he received «morning», that «Zamili met the patriarch of the Chaldean Catholics, Louis Sako, to discuss the situation of Christians and their property and their property in the country».
The minister said that the «complete the liberation of Mosul will return directly to the departments of justice, in order to aid the displaced and restore life to these areas», indicating that « the application of the laws and follow - up manipulators and corrupt contributed to the reduction of manipulating the property of Iraqis in general and Christians in particular.» Zamili noted that «Christian property can not be any point to go beyond them, because their assets are documented in the ministry, has been shut down Albioat them from the first moment in which the organization Daesh terrorist walked into Mosul», noting that « the ministry and effort judicial Iraqi courts, capable of resell rights to their rightful owners, the various sects and religions, and that the e - government project will make an end to all kinds of manipulations in the real estate ».
For his part, he praised Louis Sako, great attitudes and constructive cooperation provided by the government for the people of the Christian community in Iraq.
He continued the patriarch that «those positions contributed to the preservation of Christ 's property and gave them hope for a better future», adding that «liberate the country from terrorism, will write the beginning of a true national unity, because religions is the message of love and peace for all Iraqis.