Moves to speed up the enactment of important laws

said Parliament Speaker Salim al - Jubouri , the head of the National Alliance , Mr. Ammar al - Hakim , the importance of expediting the legislation of laws affecting the Iraqi people directly.
A statement by the National Alliance that «al - Jubouri and his deputy Aram Sheikh Mohammed, Zara Mr. Hakim in the cluster office at the parliament building on Sunday, and stressed the importance of laws which affect the Iraqi people directly legislation». The statement said «that al - Hakim was held after his arrival in the House of Representatives to attend the celebration of Women, held a meeting with the heads of blocs and representatives of the Alliance consider and discuss with the most important laws in the House of Representatives, and has discussed the laws which affect the Iraqi people directly and speed up the legislation and overcome the obstacles in front of her». In the meantime, Chairman of the House of Representatives called for increased cooperation between the federal government and the Kurdistan region. A statement by his office, al - Jubouri said «received in his parliamentary bloc , the Democratic Union of Kurdistan Chairman Arafat Karam, and discussed the security and political situation in the country». The head of the House of Representatives «importance of strengthening the bonds of brotherhood and solidarity between the people of one nation and all ingredients», stressing that « the need for concerted all efforts to find appropriate solutions to all outstanding problems, including contributing to the creation of a harmonious political environment in the interest of the country». He called al - Jubouri to «increase cooperation between the center and the region in a number of particularly important files subject of displaced people and displaced». For his part, Chairman of the bloc praised the role of the Speaker and his contribution to the adoption of laws that are in the interest of the Iraqi citizen. »