Joint Operations: control over 80 percent of Mosul
BAGHDAD / morning
Mosul / Sunrise Maher

The leadership of the Ministry of Defense control the joint operations announced so far 60 percent of the right side of any 80 percent of the entire city while still progressing with four other neighborhoods of the city center. Edit most of the areas , said Brigadier General Yahya Messenger spokesman for leadership in a press statement: The «Our forces seized so far 60 percent of the right side of the city of Mosul, and there is progress of our security forces and the refraction of the terrorist gangs Daesh». Messenger He added that « the security forces are currently battling four neighborhoods deeply right side of the conductor». Iraqi forces have managed to free many of the strategic neighborhoods of control Daesh, notably Mosul International Airport, and Camp Ghazlani, government buildings complex , which includes the province and the provincial council inspired pedal. Shows a map published by the media cell - Harbi Our troops freed 80 percent of the entire Mosul. Control Alogwat neighborhood also announced operational commander (coming, Nineveh) Lt. Gen. Abdul Amir Yar God, yesterday afternoon the completion of anti - terrorism device forces edit Alogwat neighborhood record time, and it was Yar God has revealed that these forces began the morning broke into the New Mosul neighborhood as it liberated Alogwat neighborhood. According to a statement to the cell media war, the «pieces device progressing directions several penetrating inside revive the letter and perpetuated a petition with the new city and shy of oil and Nablus, and continues the progress was able to kill a number of Alarhabbn and destroyed five wheels bomb placements defensive detachments mortar and dropping two marches and detonate 14 explosive device ». Yar God also noted that the pieces of the band liberated village Drnajouk supervisor on the east bank of the Tigris River (north - east of Mosul) and the eastern side Badush, reminding that this cutter saw progress pieces band and managed to free the village of Khoja Khalil and control of the large water project in the village of dome nutritious water on the left coast full control on the president facility Geber east Badush and continues the progress and managed to kill a number of terrorists and destroying three wheels bomb and another carrying terrorists and mortar detachments and 15 bombing of an explosive device. Rapid progress in the meantime, a colonel in the anti - terror apparatus, Duraid Saeed said in a statement to correspondent «morning», that «with the progress of troops the terrorists Daesh forcing residents of Nablus neighborhood to leave their homes wheels and taken to an unknown destination for taking human shields, while those executed by terrorists 16 civilians , including the elderly and children , because of their refusal to go with Daesh in addition to the burning of their homes without telling families stationed inside ». At the same time, the commander of the federal police forces team Raed Shakir Jawdat said the cuts Third Divisions and rapid response subsidiaries of leadership were based line of initiation near the Liberty Bridge to Ttogla deep in the door of the brick area within the old city with the imposition of control high in the buildings , along with the deployment of snipers and weapons chock them. He noted that the pieces of the fifth and sixth divisions continue combing and inspections in search of any remnants of Doaash in shy of the pedal and Aekadat editors , along with the evacuation of displaced people and to provide all necessary assistance to the people. Championships popular crowd and on the opposite side, ie , on the west bank of the Tigris River, revealed a statement to inform the Authority popular crowd for the heroes of the Second Brigade of the forces of the crowd were able yesterday to kill the so - called (and to a Badush) terrorist (Ali Salim al - Jubouri). As indicated media military cell that cuts Armored Division ninth and my band - Abbas (AS) and Imam Ali (AS) subsidiaries to PDF crowd .. continuous purge cement Badush and villages and the liberated areas of the hand Badush plant (20 km north - west of Mosul) of improvised explosive devices and incursions into the and clearing buildings and a lot of progress toward Tel - Rayes, certain to find the graves of Mgdoran next Badush prison and pieces still continuing progress where they have killed a number of terrorists and destroyed wheels bomb and mortar detachments and sparked a series of improvised explosive devices. Also delivered Champions Brigade 26 popular arrested mobilize the criminals , two of the perpetrators of the massacre Badush prison committed by Daesh against unarmed prisoners gangs during the events of the fall of Mosul in June 2014. The killing and the arrest of Daesh leaders while quoted correspondent «morning» Colonel in the Federal Police Tariq Mohsin, as saying : the security forces have killed and arrested 18 of the most prominent leaders of Daesh gangs during their assault on one of the areas, adding that the federal police forces have launched violent attacks on terrorist hideouts in the pension market area which resulted in the killing of five leaders and the arrest of 13 others after surrounding them in a narrow area near the market , including the so - called ( the military official to the axis west of Mosul). As the military intelligence directorate confirmed the death of the so - called (chief administrative officer for Daesh) terrorist (Mahmoud Fathi Abu Russell) airstrike targeted at the intersection between the shy new Mosul and Agrarian Reform coast right. Also told Dean in the Joint Special Operations Command Mohammed al - Jubouri, email us to fly international coalition bombed a building Assyria hotel Corniche Street adjacent to the River Tigris central coast right, which resulted in the killing of five of the snipers Daesh foreigners from Russian and German nationalities were hiding on the roof of the hotel. He said al - Jubouri said the international coalition aircraft also carried out air strikes targeted the shops and buildings located in the exchange area inside the Corniche Road , which led to the killing of seven Doaash and destruction mechanisms belongs to them, indicating that our troops are now spreading in the Corniche Street and impose its control over large parts of the stock market. The crowd and the SPLA saw boycotted Tal Afar kept by operations by forces of the popular crowd and the Iraqi army foiled been carried out by a group of terrorists Daesh yesterday, according to what reported by the colonel in command of the joint operations, Khudair Saleh, the correspondent «morning». He explained that the brigade 92 popular and crowd forces managed to thwart the Daesh attack is the deadliest of its kind targeting Afar Airport (50 km west of Mosul), where he managed to kill 18 Daashaa including four suicide bombers driving wheels bomber tried to target our forces deployed on the airport , which is under the control of the army and the crowd surroundings People who arrested three Doaash tried to sneak into the airport were wearing military camouflage clothing, indicating that the pieces were distributed on the outskirts of the airport from all directions and imposed a security cordon on nearby villages to prevent the infiltration of terrorists and foil any expected another attack.