Economy Commission in parliament hosts CBI director

Il Giornale March 12, 2017

BAGHDAD - A Journal News
hosted for economic and investment commission in Parliament Sunday, Governor of the Central Bank, on the Keywords, to discuss a number of economic issues.

She said the Commission, headed by MP, Ahmed Kanani, it hosted the Governor of the Central Bank in addition to the general manager in the bank, Mahmoud Ahmed, to discuss the stability of the dollar in the domestic market, and the winning difference between the buying and selling on the sale of central bank rate.

A member of the economic and investment commission in Parliament, Harith al-Harthy, for "the Journal News," "The committee also discussed the reason for the central bank's stock fell from the reserve balance, after it was 67 trillion dinars in what has become today's up to 48 trillion dinars."

He pointed out that "his committee demanded by hosting a visit sections of the Central Bank abruptly to follow up the work of the bank, said the" Keywords stood ready at any time to the Committee of Economy and Alastmthar parliamentary visit the central bank. "

And Al-Harthy said that "the Governor of the Central Bank supported by hosting the" Open amount of dollar exchange any quantity needed by the local market in order to control the balance of the market. "

Regarding the central bank reserve balance pointed Keywords that "the loss of the central bank's 16 trillion from the reserve because the House of Representatives approval of the general budget." He explained Keywords through hosting "The British loan offered to rebuild the infrastructure in areas that have been liberated from the organization Daesh terrorist."