The cost of the first phase of 250 million Dolar..mtar Karbala International raises appetite economic sectors in the province

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Officials counted in the province of Karbala, a lot on the civilian airport, which will be built soon initiate, not only in terms of the transfer of visitors to the holy city, but also on the economic level, as a major airport investment projects, especially in the field of tourism.

In response to the doubts raised about the gravity of the executing company (British), these officials and officials of the company confirms that the company's experience with the 300 airport in the world, but the investment committee oversight in the province, emphasizes the need for the company's commitment to the designs of the stomach and the duration of implementation, with some experts express concerns to be nepotism role in the recruitment of manpower at the airport that could be its numbers up to 1,000 employees and a worker process.

Chairman of the Supervisory Committee to invest in Karbala Provincial Council, Zuhair Abu Dakka, sees in an interview (range), in the creation of the airport is an urgent need for the city, they receive millions of visitors throughout the year, adding that, the airport project came into force a month ago, it has been issued the official holiday by the national investment Commission, and it will be completed according to international specifications, and stressed the importance of commitment to implementing the airport companies stomach designs to him and deadlines for implementation, in order to dispel all the doubts raised in some of the media towards her, calling not to specialization to work in the establishment of airports.

Fawzi Shahir Managing Director of the company grandsons bounties which are wing investment threshold Husseinia and supervising the administration of Karbala Airport project, confirms that the investment project to the threshold of Husseiniya, not funded by the government, and will be implemented through the only regional with a specialized consultants, adds: In the time that understands the threshold of concern some on the future of the airport project, we pledge to implement it according to international standards in a period not exceeding two years, a condition that does not crash other intentions and interests of some, without giving what those intentions and those who stand behind them.

Shahir also says in an interview (term) The grandsons goods company, has entered into numerous negotiations with specialized companies from China, Britain, France and the United States and Lebanon, the financing and implementation of the airport project stage an initial capacity of up to six million passengers per year, the cost of one billion and 250 million dollars, but any agreement that did not happen with it being stipulated that the project financing guarantees from government banks or sovereign guarantees, which apologized for the Iraqi government of being an investment project.

It continues, so we headed for segmentation of the first phase of it to be a cost of $ 250 million, in order to serve two million passengers a year, without the need for government guarantees, with a commitment to designs, stomach earlier, by a French company, has a threshold has decided to complete the airport by direct implementation, through a coalition of the bounties of the company grandsons affiliate and the two groups of satisfaction and Jess Cooper British, and funded by the same coalition.

Shahir and indicates that, Cooper Jess British company is a specialized company manufacturing air navigation systems and apparatus are present in the 300 airport in various countries around the world, and not, as some have described as dealing with televisions and a mobile phone, acknowledging at the same time not to the possibility of a coalition of the executing companies, the completion of some joints minute in the project, which required selection of other specialized companies to implement entitled subcontractors and the management and supervision of advisers from inside and outside Iraq.

Explains managing director of the bounties grandsons, it accordingly been hired manholes Habboubi office, a group of consultants Iraqis and foreign specialists in the field of the establishment of airports, to supervise the work carried out for the airport companies, contracting with other experts and consultants in the field of air navigation and systems monitoring and ground services.

For his part, he sees chairman of the British Cooper Jess company, Nahed al-Musawi, in an interview with the (range), that the doubts raised about his company, issued about who he describes bereavement create Karbala International Airport, because they were convinced of its implementation, and started a media campaign against Cooper Jess company, calling as a small company is a specialized job airports, to obstruct the implementation of the airport, but we are serious with the threshold Hosseinieh on its establishment as we started our work in him before the foundation stone of his position.

Stresses Moussawi said: those who criticize and accuse the companies that go to work in Iraq without evidence, is trying to discourage them from participating in the reconstruction and rebuilding of the country, adding: all the companies that negotiated with the threshold Husseiniya, asked for sovereign guarantees provided entry into the airport project, with the exception of our company has pledged to to pay the money to the threshold in the absence of operation of the airport, how are talking about the lack of professionalism in this way is unfair?

He also says that, Cooper Jess company has a partnership with satisfaction group in Iraq, which are funded jointly project Karbala Airport $ 200 million, which is more to "85% out of the cost of the first phase of it, as we have engineers and experts specialized aeronautical and aeronautical telecommunications, and we have work in Iraq in the areas of housing, oil and airports.

He goes, also possess degree in acting air bases, careful and have worked in the field of hardware and air bases, we have exceeded the airports that we worked out the 300 airport in various countries around the world.

It seems that an economist at the University of Karbala, called Alkraiti, in an interview with the (range), optimistic about this project and its prospects, he says, its usefulness is not limited to the number would be provided job opportunities for all, but what will submit the volume of demand for tourism services and prosperity of the economy in the areas associated with the tourism sector, and that its size could be up to double what currently exists, is certain: if the established global standards and services high, especially that it is located in a security and close to the stable area of ​​the city center, making it the airport ideal favored by visitors to other Iraq Airports, and will pull part of the aircraft, including the movement.

Karbala airport may be at the beginning of its establishment, specializing travelers to transfer only and where there is any aspect of the transportation of goods, which will bring the number of employees is not great but not more than 500, but if managed patronage of the hiring process, the number of employees could rise to 2000. Even this number , according to the opinion Alkraiti, it is very little compared with a surplus of labor in such as conservation and demand for employment opportunities, especially as the implementing agency for the airport is not obliged to run the people of the province or the other.

In all cases, the establishment of the airport would be extended to benefit all the economic activities associated with the tourism sector in the province and the country in general, as confirmed Alkraiti, reflected the project positively Also, the collection of taxes to the state if the government managed to organize file taxes properly, alluding to the need to resolve tangles local tax systems and central which may make very little financial returns for the local government of Karbala.