Romanian companies visit Baghdad soon to follow up the implementation of the transport projects

2017/3/13 18:29

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

Number of Romanian companies, plans to visit Baghdad in the coming days for further transport projects.

The Foreign Ministry said in a statement, the Agency has received {Euphrates news}, copy, that Minister Ibrahim Al-Jaafari, "Romania's Ambassador to Iraq met aiakob Prada in the Ministry building in Baghdad, they discussed bilateral relations and ways of opening up new prospects for cooperation in the interest of the two friendly countries, and highlight progress in war on terror ISIS gangs."

The statement quoted Jafari, stressing "the need to hold higher Joint Committee's session Iraq objects to Romanian in April next, work on activating Iraq Chamber of Commerce objects to Romanian, and areas of cooperation between the two countries, stressing the importance of increasing the size of security cooperation, intelligence and armed forces wounded Iraq front, especially treatment they face ISIS terrorists who make some killer to commit the most heinous crimes against Iraqis."

He added that "the sons of Iraq are continuing their progress in their war against terrorism, and edit their lands against all challenges, and the sacrifices they make," adding that "Iraq needs the help of friendly countries, reconstruction, construction and contributing to investment, and exchange experiences in various fields.

For his part, Romanian Ambassador carried the statement, "an official invitation from the Foreign Minister of Romania to Jaafari to visit Bucharest in the framework of strengthening ties between the two countries," confirmed "his country's support to Iraq through their participation in the international coalition, and sending military trainers and weapons and equipment".

"They are interested in Iraq, police training and are ready to coordinate and work on receiving wounded military operations soon," Noting that his country is seeking to promote cooperation in health, share experiences, and they they're going to a joint venture in Diyala, and reconstruction of liberated towns, and are an important part of their discussions during the next stage. "

He said "their quest for intercity transport sector support Iraq, particularly since the Roman companies come to Iraq in the coming days to follow up the implementation of the transport projects in Baghdad, Karbala, Najaf," expressing "Romania's desire to establish projects to build shipping yards, ports in Basra and Nasiriyah, a Cree Tigris and Euphrates, and several irrigation projects".