Parliament votes on a resolution paying peasants of Kurdistan and discusses the situa
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Thread: Parliament votes on a resolution paying peasants of Kurdistan and discusses the situa

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    Parliament votes on a resolution paying peasants of Kurdistan and discusses the situa

    Parliament votes on a resolution paying peasants of Kurdistan and discusses the situation of internally displaced people of Nineveh [extended]

    2017/3/13 17:27

    [In Baghdad]

    Regular meeting House hosted 18 held under the chairmanship of Dr Salim Al-Juburi, head of the Council in the presence of 189 deputies several Ministers on Monday to discuss the situation of flood victims Nineveh until resolution voted to pay peasants of Kurdistan.

    Information service said in a statement to the House of representatives each agency receives Iraq [where] a copy today that "at the beginning of the session, Abbas Al-Bayati, a lawmaker read out a statement on the occasion of the martyrdom of the number of visitors the Iraqis in Damascus by the so called" planned "terrorist" Damascus, body stressing the need for the Iraqi Government struck the nests of terrorism at home and abroad, noting that the attack was not the first of its kind and is desperately trying to influence the victories achieved by Iraqi forces in defeating Al ISIS in Nineveh, calling for cohesion National and repudiate segregation schemes sow hatred among our people.

    Then the Board read surat al fatiha prayer for the souls of the martyrs of Iraq.

    Attorney almhamdaoi beauty made a statement on the anniversary of the uprising of the 17th March 1999 after the martyrdom of Mr Mohamed Sadeq al-Sadr against the Baath regime, recalling the days when dozens of martyrs barricade fear of tyranny and still their families yet nurtured Gore regime, demanding decisions seek to undo the damage caused by the decisions of the defunct system book real estate belonging to the Mujahedeen's uprising of 1999 or for their families and effective operation of the Central Committee for the law number 16 of 2010 and form a parliamentary Committee to achieve their demands in coordination with concerned authorities to accomplish demands.

    Meanwhile, House speaker announced no need to attend Foreign Minister Ibrahim Al-Jaafari to today's session, as had been arranged for oral questions submitted by mp Mohamed Al karboli and placeholders where AW us belong to a travel ban on Iraqis and staff accountability and Justice Minister answered them and cancel the paragraph concerning the travel ban.

    The President assured the Council had said the formation of committees probing on issues of border ports and the Khor Abdullah channel and control of yellowish, calling parliamentary committees to nominate names for display for the vote, stressing to keep the date of the Election Commission's interrogation day 16-3.

    Then the Council voted on a resolution until the Federal Government is required to complete the peasant dues amounts in Kurdistan to 2016 and disbursed as quickly as other provinces and peasants on the Federal Government accelerate peasant dues for the years 2014-2015 and 2016, and all provinces within 30 days.

    The Council of Ministers hosted a trade and health, electricity and migration and displacement and the Secretary General of the Council of Ministers and the Governor of Nineveh to discuss flood victims Nineveh.

    Juburi welcomed the presence of the Ministers concerned to aware the meeting of the Council of the importance of following up the situation in Nineveh.

    At the beginning of Mohamed Jassim said hosting the Minister of immigration and displaced persons preparing plans of several axes to help displaced from Nineveh and distribute tasks across joint memoranda as well as surveillance and evacuation teams in collaboration with federal and local authorities and the Kurdistan Regional Government.

    The Minister of immigration building 59, 000 units sheltering ready home thousands of displaced people in several axes alluding to the Ministry is determined to expand construction of housing units for displaced people, indicating a significant difference between the left and right side drain where the rate of displacement in some 2000 people left and right at a rate of 8 10 000 displaced people, asserting that "the Ministry provided a huge relief for the displaced but there is great suffering contributes to the Ministry dealt with with government agencies concerned".

    He explained that the speedy return of displaced families to their regions contribute significantly to ending the crisis, especially if more than half of the families were released.

    For her part Ms Adela Hammoud Minister of health that the Ministry had made substantial medical assistance for displaced persons and cooperation with health departments in Kurdistan and a number of international organizations to provide support for the displaced, adding to the deployment of mobile medical teams and hospitals and stimulate preventive and curative services of health institutions and provide financial budget of enterprises.

    Hammoud said that the Ministry has procedures to reduce chronic diseases and epidemics between displaced persons and delivery of vaccines to health centres in the camps and rehabilitating health institutions in the left side and other liberated areas and equipped with ambulances and mobile hospitals provided by the international organizations.

    Meanwhile, the electricity Minister captured suspects denominator save Nineveh station and rehabilitation of gas after the editing process, indicating a problem in the fuel processing electrical stations, calling for rehabilitation of gas pipelines from Kirkuk to Mosul to fill her need of fuel and gas.

    He demanded the Government captured suspects fired the privatization of the electricity Ministry for investment in maintenance operations, calling the House to exclude MEW prevent contracting with investors, blew up on the continued work on the rehabilitation of transport in Mosul.

    In turn, between Salman jumaili Secretary of Commerce Ministry agency tried to deliver food to the liberated areas in Nineveh by truck and distributed to citizens in camps despite the presence of some constraints, noting that the privatization of financial need Ministry to meet the necessary requirements.

    Meanwhile, Mahdi stressed relationship Cabinet Secretary to Cabinet work focuses on providing humanitarian needs for Ninawa edits across forming joint crisis management cell stakeholders in the Central Government and Kurdistan for implementing Cabinet decisions and increased security auditors and double the number of buses transporting displaced people and provide food trucks to the right side of the editor to prevent displacement, indicating that the number of camps in the quartering areas enough to receive and provide relief to the displaced.

    Either Novell Hamadi Nineveh Governor demanded a decision as Nineveh plagued by tragic situation for displaced people in camps and a lack of medical equipment and medical needs are important, urging to disburse money to support displaced people in camps and to address the shortage of vehicles transporting displaced people, calling for compensation and staff salaries and dismissed police and support channel conductivity for its role in conveying the truth and keep up with edits in addition to pursuing the problems of religious minorities.

    The Under Secretary of the Interior Ministry Abdul Hadi conciliator initiated the duties for security checks to displaced people in areas near Nineveh, adding some 15, 000 charged as well as having some 70, 000 for all offences in all provinces.

    And he urged lawmakers in the interventions of Raad aldhelki importance of giving displaced subject of great importance and provide exceptional solutions for them calling on the Commerce Department to give food rations to displaced by the Ministry two years ago, demanding the Cabinet Secretariat Administrative Committee to continue putting the displaced field in Nineveh.

    Mp stressed the need to treat jaburi triumph Nineveh province plagued for its destruction, loaded with Cabinet responsibility for the implications of takhirttabik relief plan, required to provide food to the people of Mosul refurbishing hospitals in the city.

    A leading lawmaker drew Isaac that local and international preparations doesn't fit with the crisis of displacement of Nineveh, proposing the convening of an International Conference to help the displaced with importance displaced forcibly to their areas and release assets at banks and complete lifting of explosives and environmental testing in the liberated areas.

    Mp Abdul Rahim al-shammari on the importance of facilitating procedures for citizens of Nineveh in moving between provinces, in addition to entrusting the management of ministries and displacement camps need the presence of agents in the camps, as well as Amnesty for employees of Nineveh police.

    She asked the Attorney Nora albegari about the reasons behind the lack of civil defence corps in the battles of the liberation to evacuate and help people, not to grant security clearances to employees and retirees to receive their salaries.

    Mp Mohsen saadun amazed the Government delays in her preparations right side displacement crisis where approximately 1 million people, warning of a humanitarian disaster by destruction in the left coast.

    Danielle mp in turn need to unite efforts to meet the challenges and problems and find pragmatic solutions, particularly the issue of salaries and return and stability by the Cabinet.

    Mp called Mohamed Nagy to further liberalization regions and cities from terrorist ISIS gangs to mitigate the effects of the displaced and eliminating sleeper cells of terrorists and the provision of services and infrastructure in the liberated areas.

    She urged Deputy Vien hostile on activating the intelligence effort to find out the fate of the abducted alaizidiat ISIS after liberalization regions and work out a plan to contain the crisis by the Ministry of immigration and displaced persons.

    Tightened mp demanded to know the mechanism for arranging the security aspect and qualification phase conductor after ISIS planning stage.

    Attorney Abdul-Rahman called rocket to cancel the principle guarantor being contrary to the Constitution which allows all citizens freedom of movement between the provinces, noting some local committees for security checks have become personal to settle accounts, blackmail, proposing splitting Nineveh municipal sectors number of provinces of Iraq procures all province in recovery and provide equivalent of winning conservative.

    Noh said the Attorney Ammar tastes need transfers to financial allocations to Nineveh province being territories development needs more financial allocations for reconstruction with the importance of moving regionally and internationally to provide aid to displaced people.

    The Attorney said yonadam Kanna were that areas of Nineveh still lacked the necessary requirements of wetakhr infrastructure rehabilitation and demining, noting the need to address IDPs by building bridges between both sides of the connector to receive them.

    Arshad Salhi mp inquired about the fate and the situation of displaced persons residing in Jesus camp and the efforts of the Ministry of immigration transferred into Iraqi territory, demanding formation of a Council of elders in Tall Afar to face problems and achieving community reconciliation after the liberation from tyranny of terrorism and bands.

    Councilwoman noted delightedly OS need reopening the SJC left coast while tightening investigative procedures to the accused terrorist, ISIS elements facilitate granting security clearances to the citizens of Nineveh.

    Alef mp Salim suggested a series of steps to contribute to alleviate the crisis, including the participation of the Ministry of culture and direct the media to focus on the transfer of alnshin tragedy and encourage civil society organizations and develop voluntary funds for the displaced.

    In their response to the interventions, the Ministers reaffirmed their commitment to continuing efforts to provide services and mobilize their constituents and field teams to provide citizens and displaced people in camps and other areas in Nineveh, in addition to the quest to find albdlael to the proposals and observations by ladies and gentlemen representatives on the subject of Nineveh flood victims, as well as a workshop during the coming days to the relevant authorities in the presence of international organizations chock for plans to restore stability and construction in the liberated areas, demanding the Finance Ministry to release funds for the relief of displaced Enable ministries of necessary needs, particularly in the rehabilitation of the schviat schools and provide nutrients.

    For his part, Abbas reviewed Imran Musa Undersecretary of the Ministry's role in transporting the displaced from areas of displacement to the quartering areas.

    For his part, invited the Chairman of the House Committee on displaced and deportees and other relevant parliamentary committees to collect all the suggestions and observations regarding the topic and the preparation of formula recommendations to be voted, expressing thanks to attend Cabinet and Deputy Ministers to discuss the flood victims topic Nineveh.

    Then decided to adjourn until next Thursday.


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