The first phase cost $250 million. International Airport of Karbala raises appetite of economic sectors in the province

2017/03/13 (00:01 pm)

Range/Gibraltar Terminal

Karbala, officials rely too much on international civil airport, which will begin construction soon, not only transfer visitors to the Holy City, but also on the economic front, as the airport projects a considerable investment, especially in tourism.

In response to the doubts raised about the reliability of executing company (British) officials and company officials confirmed that the company's experience with 300 airport in the world, but conservative investment Oversight Committee, emphasizes the company's commitment to design and implementation, prepared with evince some experts feared that the patronage role in recruitment of manpower at the airport which can serve up to 1000 employees and workers.

Chairman of the Oversight Committee on investment in Karbala Governorate Council, Zuhair Abu Dakka, seen in modern (range), creating an urgent need for airport city, receives millions of visitors throughout the year, adding that the airport project went into effect a month ago, when official leave was issued by the national investment Corporation, and that it will be completed in accordance with international standards, and stressed the importance of commitment to the airport with his stomach designs and deadlines for implementation, in order to dispel all doubts raised in some of the media towards her As not to specialize in working in airfields.

Fawzi Al-Shaher, Managing Director of the tribes that are bounty company investment wing of attaba and overseeing the airport project management Karbala, confirms that an investment project of attaba, not funded by the Government, and will be implemented through local companies with specialized consultants, adds: while some concern threshold understands the future of the airport project, we undertake to implement it in accordance with international standards in a period not exceeding two years, provided that it does not crash other intentions and interests of another, without that disclose what those intentions and who stands behind them.

Shaher also says in an interview for (range) that bounties the tribes, entered into negotiations with companies from China, Britain, France and America and Lebanon, to finance and implement the airport project with an initial stage capacity of up to 6 million passengers annually, and cost $250 million, but any deal that didn't happen with her being required project financing guarantees from Government banks or sovereign guarantees, which the Iraqi Government apologized as investment projects.

He continues: so we head to the first phase of the hash to be a cost of 250 million dollars, to serve the two million passengers annually, without the need for Government guarantees, with his designs previously prepared by the French company, airport delivery threshold has decided to direct execution, through a coalition of the tribes bounty company my company group satisfaction and Cooper Jace, and funded by the Coalition itself.

Shaher indicates that, Jess Cooper British company is a company that specializes in manufacturing aeronautical systems and organs are in 300 airport in various countries around the world, not as it is described by some as on televisions and mobile devices, while recognizing that a coalition of contractors, some joints in the project, requiring specialized companies implement selection titled secondary contractors in the management and supervision of consultants from inside and outside Iraq.

Director explains the tribes, bounty company as it contracted with the Office pool is a collection of a cereal box and foreign consultants who specialize in creating airports, to oversee the work of the contractors of the airport, hiring experts and other advisers in the field of Aeronautics and Earth observation systems and services.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Board of Directors finds Cooper Jace, speaking for a resurgent al-Musawi (range), that suspicions his company, who describe them as affected by establishing international airport because they believed the Karbala of implementation, started an information campaign against Cooper company Jess as a small company specialized in airports, to block implementation of the airport, but we are serious with attaba to create it as we began our work before laying the Foundation.

Mussawi said stresses of criticizing and accusing companies that go to work in Iraq without evidence, he tries to dissuade her from participating in the reconstruction and nation-building, adding: all companies that negotiated with attaba, sovereign guarantees requested, provided that entry into the airport project, excluding our company undertook to pay the money to the threshold if the operation of the airport, how is talking about not professionalism this unfair?

He also says that, Cooper company Jess has partnered with a group in Iraq, the two are together $200 Karbala airport project of $1 million, which is more "85% of the cost of the first phase, as have the engineers and experts in Aeronautics and flight connections, and our work in Iraq in the areas of housing, oil, and airports. Goes, we also have a certificate of specialty work air bases, and worked in the device and air bases and airports exceeded the 300 's work in various countries around the world.

It seems that the Karbala University economist, called alkarbaty, in an interview for (range), optimistic this project and prospects, says, its usefulness is not confined to the number of its jobs, but the presentation of the demand for tourist services and booming economy in areas related to the tourism sector, which may be up to double what is currently exists, saying: If the establishment of international standards and high services, especially it is located in the stable area and security close to the city center, making it an ideal airport Prefer visitors to other airports in Iraq and will withdraw part of aircraft movement.

It may be at the beginning of its inception, Karbala airport specialist transport of passengers only and no cargo side, which will make its staff is not large and does not exceed the 500, either if the favoritism of the recruitment process, the number of employees has risen to 2000.

Even that number, according to alkarbaty, it is very little compared to a surplus of labour in as conservative and demand for jobs, especially the airport operator is not obliged to run conservative cousins or other.

In any case, the establishment of the airport will benefit all economic activities linked to the tourism sector in the province and the country in General, as alkarbaty asserts, and reflected a positive project too, to collect taxes for the State if the Government was able to organize file taxes appropriately, alluding to the need to resolve the tangles of Central and local tax systems which might make very few financial returns to local Government of Karbala.