Economists call to address the "gap" implementation of reform policies in the country

03/12/2017 (00:01 pm)

Baghdad / term

Economists called for researchers, on Saturday, the legislature and the executive to address the "gap" implementation of reform policies in the country, Adin , that this "gap" of the big obstacles to the implementation of reforms in various state facilities, while calling for the establishment of the leadership of economic transformation and challenges.

Systems Iraqi Institute for Economic Reform, in cooperation with the Iraqi Businessmen Union, the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) and a workshop entitled ( the face of the gap in the application in Iraq), I discussed a policy paper put forward by economic researcher Samir Raouf al - Attar, on the Tigris Hall Baghdad Hotel downtown and attended (Term).

Said Mona earthquake, representative of the CIPE, (range), " The aim of the workshop is to discuss the paper face of the gap policies in the application in Iraq, in a series of four - leaf policies, the goal of which is the economic reform and provide a vision of the private sector and civil society institutions and researchers in economic affairs to the decision - maker in the legislative and executive branches , "pointing to" the need to adjust policies, laws and regulations to serve the citizens and the advancement of the economy of Iraq. "

In turn , gave economic researcher Dr. Samir Mohammed Raouf al - Attar, paper work during the workshop, and stressed that " has been diagnosed with the gap in the application, or the weakness of force in Iraq, and being one of the most important challenges facing change and reform in the country programs , " noting that " the various efforts to resolve problems through legislation and regulations the policy did not succeed on the ground because of a gap in the application. "

To address the implementation of the reform projects gap, Attar suggested, " a number of actions that can be taken at the political level, including the central leadership 's economic transformation, through the establishment of a central command professional working to coordinate efforts in this area in line with the national vision", stressing that "promoting the role of competencies in the ministries and departments concerned and the development of a legal mechanism for the adoption of strategies and acquiring the legitimacy needed, as well as transparency and availability of information, and capacity building in the formulation of policies and laws. "

He called Al - Attar to " the need to strengthen monitoring, evaluation and adoption of management and financing mechanisms by taking advantage of international practices, and the adoption of indicators and linked to the management authorities port policies , " pointing to the importance of "re government contracts instructions issued form the law, with pushing the stakeholders during the planning phase, and build a network from supporters and supporters, a network working to clarify the facts and the data and the causes and consequences of the adoption of any policy. "

In the same context, the political and economic Iraqi Raid Fahmi stressed, that " the treatment gap is through real reform in the country , " referring to the "absence of a unified vision, between the parliament and the government , " calling for " the establishment of such workshops important within the legislative authority competent in the government and the committee to put letters to the points and access to real results. "

For his part , the economic Bassem Jamil Antoine over short intervention, expressed his displeasure , "not the opinion of the specialists in the matter Economic, by the implementing agencies and the legislator , " noting that " the private sector does not have any authority, as far as owned by concerned parties in the government public sector . " .