Director General of Intelligence: expect escape «Baghdadi» to Turkey

3/13/2017 0:24

BAGHDAD / Saad al - Sammak
likely prime hawks cell and general manager of the internal intelligence, to be the point of the escape of the offender «Abu Bakr al - Baghdadi» and his family to Turkey to join the leadership of the organization «Daesh» in Gaziantep region, warning that the terrorist organization for the purpose of proving its existence is still in its intention to carry out terrorist , whether in Iraq or in the Gulf, Europe and East Asia.

The prime hawks intelligence cell in a special statement »Sabah», believes that the terrorist escape «Baghdadi» and his family to Turkey is out of the question «to join some of the leaders who took advantage of lax security situation on the Syrian - Turkish border and actually crossed into Gaziantep», but he also said: that «Masirah will be in the dug - like hole his predecessor terrorist Saddam Hussein», adding that «being chase« Baghdadi »by elements hawks cell that arrived at the place and targeted in several attempts, and is able to reach him again to obtain a fair punished for what his crimes against Iraq and its people and humanity and cleanse Islam of impurity these criminals. » Said cell Prime: The «criminal« Baghdadi »pay his companions hot zones of death investigator and away he and his family away from military operations in Raqqa region in Syria , which is still moving them toward other regions in hiding from the military strikes targeted after they gave general guidance and leave it to his herds in Nineveh », indicating that« terrorist «Baghdadi» wounded in two previous attempts have resulted in first during the battle to liberate Anbar province , the year 2015 for obstructing and taken to Syria, and final last month in Qaim spend during a meeting with leaders of the terrorist organization in Nineveh and other areas ».

Director - General of Intelligence at the Ministry of Interior, said that « the terrorist organization has lost most of the territory that was controlled, and has been struggling to retain what he has left under his control in Nineveh territory», adding that «chaos among field commanders and elements about how the fighting management in Mosul because «Baghdadi» lost control to exercise any kind of military influence tactical », indicating that« we are used to that regulation does not announce his loss and collapse even if it is fully edit Nineveh ».

He cautioned the Director - General of internal intelligence that « the terrorist organization is still in its intention to carry out terrorist operations to prove his existence , whether in Iraq or in the Gulf, Europe and East Asia, according to sources and analysts in the intelligence community who reside now what the terror group 's plan for the longer term after being driven from Mosul in attempt to justify the claims of their losses in Nineveh. »

The head of the cell hawks: The «regulation cowardly terrorist Odhiraa can be moved to defend the existence of the organization in Muslim countries and other areas where the terrorists are believed to be hampering military operations of the international coalition led anti - regulation both in Nineveh or the other in Syria, Libya and some of the African Sahel regions» .