Sheikh Mawla review in Geneva Daesh destruction and sabotage Lubna Iraq
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} met committee member awqaf religious parliamentary deputy, Sheikh Mohammad Taqi Mawla at UN headquarters in Geneva {} public hearing in the presence of permanent members of the 47 countries and non-governmental organizations.
The MP - Mawla said in a statement issued by the Information Office of the mass of the citizen and the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it today that the most important paragraphs of the meeting included the war waged by Iraq against Daesh gangs of terror and crimes these gangs and Tasvhm and oppression toward the sons of our country and from different sects."

We also touched on the left by these gangs of devastation and destruction and displacement have been killed and nearly five million orphans and widows million in addition to the sabotage of infrastructure and the destruction and looting and theft of the civilization of Iraq and to discredit Islam and Muslims."
He MP for mass citizen Sheikh Mawla during the meeting that Islam is a religion of love and tolerance, compassion and moderation are not allowed to kill the human assault on the symptoms of people have expressed their communities full readiness to help Iraq .anthy