Governor of Babylon to create oil refinery and launching an initiative to support farmers

2017/3/12 22:13


The Governor called Babylon Royal on Sunday endorsed the establishment of an oil refinery in the cliff area victory [Rock] and launch a national initiative to support farmers.

Royal said in a speech at a Conference of the National Alliance followed each agency Iraq [where] we call "the Ministry of oil to create an oil refinery in the cliff area, in addition to inviting us to launch a national initiative for farmers", pointing out that "we have called for the allocation of services file lmgsr cross between Central and southern provinces of Babylon, Baghdad, Karbala and needs 13 billion dinars were allocated in the budget and ask members of the House and this is not enough and needs to allocate $ esawy to complete this project."

"There were attempts to get the payment term project $424 billion dinars for the big suit and streams project arriving late but that conflicted with the completion of this project another $250 billion to municipal and Department needs to equal the current project will not harm and Babylon this strategic project awaiting Iraq level."

He demanded "to instruct the Ministry of oil to insert round licenses to create a filter as in fruits of victory as Babel is not covered by the petrodollar customizations and doesn't have a border," ports "directive to the Cabinet and the stupid purchase while mechanisms that are customized for the crowd in the edits and 70% of them Muslim time."

Governor of Babylon were called to instruct to allocate lands for professors, and increased acceptance of families of martyrs in graduate school, and launching a national initiative to support farmers in the County, and allocate to complete the remaining Shi'a shrines that Babylon in 316 shrine. "

And the security file Royal called "increasing human resources to lead operations of Babylon and SIS as adjacent Karbala and were released by kidnappers approached the Prime Minister's Office to buy a GPS tracing to detect crime, transfer of powers directive of the Council of Ministers to complete the implementation of article 45 1 of the provincial Act non-performing territory."

However, that was obtained Transport Ministry approved an airport charge where allocated 3000 acres to create it. "