Saudi-Iraqi talks in depth to open a new page of relations and left agitation

2017/3/12 21:47

[In Baghdad]

The Iraqi Foreign Ministry said that the delegation, which arrived in Riyadh Sunday with Saudi foreign "marked by seriousness and depth search in a number of important issues which focused on opening a new page of bilateral relations based on mutual trust."

He said foreign spokesman, Ahmad Jamal, in a statement said all Iraq [where] a copy of it, "the Saudi side proposed the formation of [Iraqi-Saudi Coordination Council], in addition to discuss a number of topics related to reopen border crossings and direct air transport and facilitate procedures for pilgrims and Iraqi pilgrims and visitors to Saudi holy places in Iraq".

"Also refers to opening prospects for cooperation in oil refining and energy and reconstruction of liberated areas of organization of ISIS and encourage investment and Saudi companies work within Iraq as well as security coordination in the area of intelligence and information exchange".

The two sides also underlined the beauty said "cooperation between the two countries in all international and regional organizations and the need to stop the destructive nature of official statements and work to achieve a high level of mutual visits, meetings also touched on a number of political issues for some countries in the region, Iraq and Saudi Arabia's position."

The Saudi Foreign Minister, Adel Al-jubeir, visited Baghdad on 25 February last surprise and muffled.

This is the first visit of the Saudi Foreign Minister to visit Baghdad since the invasion of the former regime of Kuwait in 1990.

Jubeir stressed during his talks with Prime Minister Haider Abadi and his counterpart Ibrahim Al-Jaafari said "this visit come to bring bilateral relations back on track," stressing "the importance of further efforts and cooperation in the fight against terrorism."

He said "support for Iraq in the fight against terrorism and stabilize the liberated areas, and that the country stands at the same distance from the Iraqi components and supports the unity and stability of Iraq."

The Saudi Minister also invited to work on the exchange of visits by officials of the two countries and activate all outstanding files "revealing" the Saudi desire to work on the open port Jemima with Iraq and file search direct airlines operating with Iraq. "

And the Iraqi Foreign Ministry official told Reuters that jubeir said Iraqi officials during his visit to Saudi Arabia intends to appoint a new Ambassador to Iraq.