Heba HebaMarch 12, 2017

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Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ibrahim al-Jaafari, with the private American president Donald Trump envoy and the forces of the international coalition to fight Daesh Bert Macgork and his accompanying delegation the conduct of military operations against Daesh gangs terrorist, big victories achieved by the sons of the Iraqi armed forces Besnovha all in their war against terrorism and the support of the international coalition, states friendly to Iraq.

Jaafari said on Sunday, in a statement received by Iraqi transmitter Network (IBN) that "the Iraqis continue to sacrifice for a full liberalization of their land from the grip of terrorists Daesh, and reflect significant achievements, and development in the war against terror was Iraq's efforts heroes who gave their blood to defend their country and on behalf of the countries of the whole world, but the world's people the right to be proud of what has been achieved victories against terrorism. "

He stressed that "Iraq demanded in 2014 the United Nations and the international community need to support the three ranges: real-time through the provision of air support and cooperation of intelligence to counter terrorism, and the average of the provision of the necessary for families displaced supplies, and run through the reconstruction of the infrastructure of Iraq at some point after eliminating Daesh gangs, and that Iraq needed for a project similar to the Marshall project, which contributed to the construction of Germany after the second World war to contribute to the achievement of security, stability and reconstruction, and economic development. "

Jaafari called that "the whole world stands respectfully and fairly for the sacrifices of the Iraqi people, who have made a large number of his sons, and faced terrorism, and defeated him, noting: Terror war today is not the territory of war, or political interests, and economic, but it is a war against human wherever he , pointing out that Daesh gangs were not born in Iraq, but they came from abroad, and for everyone to work, and coordination; to ease the crisis in the region; to prevent the emergence of new terrorist groups. "

He added that "any tension in regional relations would provide a favorable climate for the work of terrorism and increase its effectiveness, and that we, despite our refusal of the Turkish intervention in Iraqi territory but our commitment to the relationship with them and the Security Council should put this fact in front of his eyes, which we reaffirmed in 2015 in the Turkish penetration in Bashiqa stressing Iraq's desire to establish better relations between the Arab countries in general and the geographical proximity especially as they have a major impact on the deployment of an atmosphere of security and stability in the region and the whole world. "

The foreign minister stressed that "the war field against terrorist Daesh gangs were in Diyala, and Anbar, Salahuddin, and Mosul, however, the people of Iraq from all provinces, cities endowed; to eliminate it, and protect the innocent, and the liberalization of land, and that the strategic framework agreement signed between Baghdad and Washington many of the areas of cooperation, and the exchange of common interests and face common risks include, and we must work to be activated. "

For his part, the private American president Donald Trump envoy, and the forces of the international coalition to fight Daesh saying that the Iraqi people was conscious, and unite to confront terrorism, stressing: will be eliminated terrorist Daesh gangs, and beyond Iraq unity of this crisis, and be more secure, stable, and that nothing today compared to what happened in Iraq after the entry of terrorists Daesh 2014. "

He said Burt Macgork envoy saying "later this month will host the United States, a meeting of foreign ministers of 65 countries within the framework of the international coalition; to discuss developments in the war, and continue efforts; to eliminate terrorism, and ways to enhance cooperation in the next stage,"

She noted that he had visited many countries before coming to Iraq, and everyone was surprised at the progress in Iraq from the victories, and the progress in the war against Daesh gangs terrorist, stressing that it did not record the attention of the world in Iraq also check after 2014 as countries gathered to support Iraq in its war against terrorism, stressing that the US administration's priorities eliminate terrorists Daesh, and it will not be achieved only through cooperation with Iraq. "