Ja'fari: Iraq needs to draft similar to Marshall for security and reconstruction


Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim Al-Jaafari, said Sunday that Iraq needs a project similar to the Marshall plan that helped rebuild Germany after World War II to contribute to security, stability, reconstruction and economic development, pointing out that the war on terrorism is not a war on the territory, or political, economic interests, but rather a war against mankind everywhere.

A statement from Jaafari's Office, looked through it (pacnews) said that the latter met Brett makghork, Special Envoy of President Donald Trump International Coalition to fight ISIS and his delegation, was quoted saying that ISIS has engendered in Iraq, but it came from abroad, and everyone working and coordination to ease crises in the region to prevent new terrorist groups.

"We though we rejected Turkish intervention in Iraqi territory but our attachment to the relationship with the Security Council to put this fact in front of his eyes," stating that "Iraq is keen to forge better relations between States General Arabic geographical neighbors and especially because of their significant impact on spreading atmosphere of security and stability for the region and across the world."

And by saying "Convention signatory strategic framework between Baghdad and Washington have many areas of cooperation, and share common interests, and shared risks, we have to work on. "

The statement also quoted, makghork, confirmed that "terrorist ISIS gangs will be eliminated" Iraq goes beyond this crisis and be more secure and stable. "Nothing today compares to what happened in Iraq after entering the 2014 ISIS terrorists", adding that "later this month will host the USA 65 State Foreign Ministers within the framework of the international coalition to discuss developments in the war, and continued efforts to eliminate terrorism, and ways to strengthen cooperation in the next stage."

Makghork pointed out that "the US Administration's priorities the Elimination of terrorists of ISIS, and that can only be achieved by working and cooperation with Iraq" quoted the statement also said that "during the meeting they reviewed the conduct of military operations against terrorist ISIS."