Discuss ways to implement mechanisms and instructions of the Central Bank on the currency window


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Discussed a joint meeting between representatives of the Iraqi Central Bank and representatives of the Iraqi private banks and Arab and foreign operating in Iraq, which Nzth Iraqi private banks association afternoon constraints faced by banks in the implementation of mechanisms and instructions for window sell the currency.

At the beginning of the meeting, executive director of the Association of Tariq Ali in his welcome address gave a briefing to the most important paragraphs of the agenda, he said, "The importance of this meeting involving clarify and facilitate Tnfbz mechanisms and special instructions before the eyes of all banks."

For his part, director of currency window in the Central Bank of Omar Hashim main prerequisites for the implementation of new instructions and mechanisms.

This was followed by open discussion on the problems facing implementation.

Representatives have presented local and foreign private banks operating in Iraq of the 75 employees inquiries about the challenges facing the implementation and central bank representatives answered clearly on the means of implementation and smoothly.

Everyone has left good impressions from the meeting fully understands the requirements of the Central Bank in the implementation of new instructions and mechanisms for window sell the currency.