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Yasser incumbent

Completely agree that the loans are a means to achieve development actors how? While the loans went to activate the real and service core productive sectors.

This comes at a situation like the one experienced by the economy of the imbalances and vibrations for several reasons in the forefront Ankhvaz oil revenues and their negative effects and repercussions in the general budget, especially allocations of investment income, with the absence of thinking production and orientation towards import and consumption so that we've become a society consuming 100 percent while the volume of production is equal to zero.

You will have to question these loans are a positive influence to correct the economy and the course of development? The answer is linked to definitely extent of creating requirements and requirements orientations and goals of the loans if were directed to activate the productive sectors it requires decisions and actions governmental and means to improve the consumer behavior that has become a dangerous phenomenon on Vatherha society in the long run may expand and affect the supply of the entire material levels. On the other hand we see that there is chaos in private lending concepts, to name a few at a time when banks are trying to encourage the phenomenon of localization of salaries in order to utilize them to invest in the field of lending to development projects, we find some of the lending staff in the light of the resettlement encouragement but loans go for consumption without a production target.

It is true that free banks to find a means to achieve revenues them and provide competitive banking services to stimulate citizens to deal with it but here intersect targets Alkarod..hzh phenomenon requires insights and analysis of economists and money on finding ways to resolve the intersections facing targets loans especially at this critical juncture .

The development goals, for example, to address the housing crisis where the loans in this sector after a major positive in terms of moving the local production and market factors, as well as providing employment opportunities and as a result the most important address a deepening crisis, even if we assume that the loans released by State-owned banks to state employees accompanied allocation for the purchase of residential units shall be of the loan developmental meaning not a consumer to download the citizen burden of the loan and its benefits to go to non-Hdv.naml that they can be a study goals and sparked positive loans and be negative effects before the launch of the interest is more general and comprehensive and so as not to intersect targets loans with developmental orientation is not the consumer.

And a real need for us to review this important and vital aspect in order to achieve a balance between loans directions and goals.