Combined operations: controlled 65 percent of Ayman connector

2017/3/12 16:12


The joint operations command of the Ministry of defence said Sunday, her control yet on 65% of right side of Mosul, are still progressing with four other neighborhoods downtown.

And Brigadier Yahya Rasoul command spokesman in a press statement that "our forces have so far dominated 65% of right side of Mosul, and progress of our security and refraction of ISIS gangs.

Messenger said that "security forces are currently battling four neighborhoods deeply right side of connector".

Since 19 February, Iraqi troops continued fighting in Mosul, the last stronghold of ISIS in the city.

Iraqi forces were able to edit many strategic neighborhoods of ISIS, notably Mosul airport, algazalany camp, government complex which houses buildings of the province and the provincial Council.

And the right side of the connector is smaller than the eastern side in terms of area [40% of the total area of Mosul], but greater population density, where the United Nations estimates the number of its residents by about 800 thousand people.