Electricity: consumption not investment project citizen 50 000 per month

Sun, 12 Mar 2017 10:37:04

The electricity Ministry announced that the rate of consumption amount of electrical energy within the investment project does not exceed 50 000 per month.

Ministry spokesman, Musab teacher, said in a statement, that "you know the wages of electrical energy consumption is supported by Government subsidies up to 94%," dismissing what has been handed down some media that high inventories owned something untrue. "

"The amounts of lists that were issued were accessible to all participants and their rates ranged from 5 000 to 50 000 per month, that calculate the wages of consumption as this project is for 30 days instead of 60 days as it was in the past and this guarantees for the citizen to return to high government subsidies every 30 days.

Teacher, revealed that "investment project in the power distribution sector in Karkh side of Baghdad had achieved in reducing power consumption loads ranging from 20 to 40% of consumption.

He added that "the project implementation 40 locality, in addition to peace, condominium complex constitute 25% of Karkh side areas of the Directorate General of Karkh electricity distribution, which was a power 420 mikawat, bear peak, consumption has dropped to 370 mikawat, prove that the citizen has started power rationing.

"Stranded" in these areas have been removed by, and have checked the collection reached 100%, through the collection centres which opened in these areas. "

And the teacher said "all areas of Karkh side covered by this project, including forward in preparation for the conclusion of contracts, including in the process of referral as coli and walghazalih flame and Liberty City, bayaa and Abu Ghuraib session and working district and neighbouring areas.

And the electricity Department spokesman that "the implementation of the project begins with ads and then qualify the companies and bid and studied and analyzed and then the assignment contract, then deliver to investment firms which are given a period of six months, to examine the benchmarks and zero technical and administrative stranded with an electric power supply 80% of these regions, which ranges from 18 to 20 hours a day. , A citizen can reduce power consumption in order to deliver an integrated processing hours. "

The teacher stressed that "delivery areas after the conclusion of contracts is the beginning of the project and the beginning of a complete processing after zero out stranded pointing out that" there are investment contracts have been concluded in most provinces of the country. "