Work launches social benefit for more than two thousand contestant

2017/3/12 13:48

[In Baghdad]

The Ministry of labour and Social Affairs launched the first appendix of social protection benefits in the first instalment of 2017 [2130] drawing women in Baghdad who steered by the Ministry of planning and results presented their objections to the high commissions last Thursday.

He said Labour Ministry spokesman Ammar Menem in a statement all Iraq [where] a copy of the first batch, including women who tend to stopped as a precaution they didn't make speech, or the State for tax reasons and presented their objections to the high commissions ", adding that" the Ministry launched the first batch of women who had entered the contest in the first extension 2017. "

"There's a meal again soon to be released in the first batch of extension of social benefit for this year, saying the Minister of labour and Social Affairs directive engineer Mohamed sheyaa peanuts to continue considering the contestants ' files to determine either their coverage under the new law or excluded from social protection programme".

Menem said that the Ministry had Cabinet approval for those disbursements former beneficiaries of social protection benefits who steered the planning Ministry after their time above the poverty line, which noted they submitted their objections to the Ministry to re-new coverage for the login names on the Ministry's website.

Menem said that "ongoing Ministry disbursed grants them pending their objections because of difficult living conditions," pointing out that "many objections and time consuming".