8:56 PM [poppy3] ok rich friends i will give you a picture of where I think we are . THERE WAS THE SECRET MEETING YESTERDAY THAT TALIBANI REFERED TO THIS MORNING when he stated they informed Maliki they had 200 plus votes to remove his butt from office. He was given 2 OTHER options to do what he needed to do to remain as PM but he evidently has chosen to fight the vote of no confidence . THIS will delay the RV at least the time periods mandated by their constitution witch I am trying to verify. It apeers the 7 day period ends this saturday and then they can vote and will be required to give 5 more days for removal minimum before appointing a interum PM. if all of you WILL NOTICE MANY OF THE LEADERS ARE CHIMING IN WITH STATEMENTS that they are planning the NCV ASAP. hANG ON THE RIDE IS SLOWING TO OUR STOP. i AM ENCOURAGED AND STILL THINK WE WILL BE HAPPY VERY SOON. POPPY3 HOPE THIS ANSWERS SOME QUESTION AND CALMS YOUR MIND ALL IS WELL.

9:00 PM [poppy3] he has sure been a thorn in our side for two years and i for one will welcome the change. Tell them nm poppy39:03 PM [poppy3] willie60 OfCourse13 guys i have no idea. They could have rv'ed for 11 days now and it is just a guess as to what their mof will do. He has the reigns there like dr shabibi has them in iraq. I hope china will push them into doing it. I have two actually 3 sources monotoring daily and they will give us a heads up immediately when they hear any solid news. Poppy3

9:08 PM [poppy3] willie60 OfCourse13 rich friends i wish i could find out more but todays new about yesterdays meetings have been very quiet. I knew about the secret meeting that was taking place but seems no one can get the results from those meetings at least i havent seen anything except what talibani said this morning. What i am sure of is he will be voted out as fast as they can get it done. Poppy3