Iraq plans to export the cement after self

: 2017/3/12 10:06

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

Iraqi Cement State company announced a Ministry of industry and minerals companies achieve financial abundance of up to 2 billion and 500 million dinars and an increase in production capacities to Kufa and Najaf basement laboratory in quantities exceeding one million tons of cement after the introduction of electric station to service and run early last year 2016.

The Ministry statement quoted received {Euphrates news} copy, from General Manager Nasser Idris as saying that "civil and running the power station came under maintenance and rehabilitation work prepared by management of the company to increase production and reduce costs," pointing out that "dependence on electrical power electrical station fitted led to stable operating conditions of Kufa and Najaf basement lab and an increase in production."

Affirmed that "continuing civil electrical energy in cement plants is one of the most important requirements of sustainability of production," revealing "the company sought in cooperation with private laboratories to reduce cement prices and surplus production to resume exporting Iraqi Cement abroad in the coming years, especially after the success of Iraq cement plants in self sufficiency after the decision of the Cabinet to prevent importing cement early last year."

Maintenance Manager said the Iraqi Cement State company to run the power plant card 30 mikawat in Kufa Cement plant contributed to overcome sudden national electricity and which had a negative effect on labour productivity kalafran and mills and packing that sudden stop production lines lead to machines and equipment damage and loss in production what it takes great efforts to restart production. "

The Cabinet was decided by 2015 to protect national product of substance [cement], prevent the entry of imported cement and periwinkle to Iraq via border gates, making six cement production plants turn from losing money to the winner within local and industry promote the product.