The parliamentary foreign reveal Iraq delegation mission to visit Riyadh today.

2017-03-12 12:01 p.m.

Baghdad scales news

The parliamentary Foreign Relations Committee, revealed Sunday, the Iraqi delegation visits Riyadh today.

Committee member Abbas Bayati said l/balance of news/, the Iraqi delegation who is visiting Saudi Arabia on expert technical understanding on drafts, protocols and memoranda on political, economic and security areas.

He added, "the delegation highlighted Iraq's intentions to open up with Saudi Arabia and there are several meetings on more level between Baghdad and Riyadh."

He noted that "at this point Iraq dissociates itself from the axles or political polarization axis against another and this will be the basis of the relationship between Baghdad and Riyadh and openness", adding "we must that the relationship with Riyadh with any relationship, whether with Iran or America or other."

And visit an Iraqi delegation led by senior Undersecretary of the Saudi capital Riyadh to discuss several files.

The Iraqi delegation's visit came on the background of Adel Al-jubeir, the Saudi Foreign Minister's visit to Baghdad recently finished