Experts: strategic development of the private sector «quantum leap»
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Thread: Experts: strategic development of the private sector «quantum leap»

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    Experts: strategic development of the private sector «quantum leap»

    Experts: strategic development of the private sector «quantum leap»

    3/12/2017 0:00

    BAGHDAD / Farah pumice Suha Shaykhli
    examine the wisdom of the House Economic Section strategic development of the private sector in Iraq in the presence of a group of economics and finance experts and addressed ways to the requirements of implementation.

    This comes at a time when specialists welcomed the release of the government work Bstratejah development of the Iraqi private sector in 2030, Adin it of "quantum leap" if properly applied and implemented programs in accordance with the timings set and agreed upon.

    Financial advisor d. The appearance of Mohammed Saleh said that this strategy needs to strengthen the bonds of the transition to the implementation, in light of the weakness of the role of the public sector, pointing out that the Ministry of Planning indicate that the real workers in the state of four million people out of ten million. He stressed that we are in a big country and we want to move on to a big market but Nwcr the existence of a country 's economic gap and the market economy, and that ties between them are weak, unfortunately extreme.

    Saleh pointed out the problem in Iraq , the number of poor formally at least ten million poor, which means that the annual income of less than $ 300, pointing out that this increase came on the impact of displacement with the knowledge that not all the displaced are poor.

    He pointed to the importance of activating the role of the private sector to contain the largest number of young job - seekers, especially as the state does not have jobs and this needs to be the visions and policies that limit the circle of poverty.

    As a member of the advisory board d. Hamid al- Anbari said , we have to agree on what the strategy of the constitution which included the support of the private sector of reference, pointing out that the problem is what the private sector, adding that if it wants the government to negotiate represents the private sector will not find as easily as not find many international organizations when you come to Iraq they did not recognize the nature of work in the country whether they are individuals or certain point represent this slide?

    He said the completion of a huge amount of strategic recommendations of a high standard in which a sample of scientists and specialists from government and the private sector, to go beyond the specialized bodies such as ministries of planning and finance and oil.

    Anbari and ascended to the laws governing the formation of the private sector, and public sector companies affiliated to the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, the coefficient of the mixed sector , which is myopic , though it was the most important sectors of the Iraqi state, and the number of zones and industrial clusters in Iraq.

    Vice President of the Baghdad Economic Forum on behalf of Jamil Antoine stressed that the private sector must take its real role in the joints of the national management of the economy and not allow the parasite to the private sector to take over its role in the economy.

    He pointed to the importance to take the strategic development of the private sector role in the effective implementation after the announcement of its launch, stressing the need to do the role of industrial production towards real development and rely on the inherent Industrial , which owns industrial experience in the reality of the market and how are supply operations in harmony with the needs of the Iraqi citizen ?.

    He added that the labor force in the private sector by all its types exceed 6-7 million annually flows into the market with 450,000 new young man of whom 150 thousand representing the output of universities and institutes, noting that this fact in dire need of activating the local labor market through activating the role of the private sector.

    He noted that the strategy of development of the private sector needs to be the will and conviction and implementation tools of the insured state agencies role in managing the economy to implement specific Ptoukitat time and this in turn requires improving the business environment and the Iraqi program to develop small and medium - sized companies.

    And the need to form a council to develop the private sector includes private sector representatives of indigenous contribution in building the foundations of a solid Aslaih, stressing that serious follow - up of the Ministries of Planning and Industry of the subject implants real hope to take active role in the creation of sustainable development.

    The Planning Minister, Salman al - Jumaili announced Thursday the launch of work Balstratejah, confirmed it (strategy) to give the private sector role as president of the partnership with the public sector in the implementation of projects and then move on to the decentralized management of the economy , "adding that" the government has implemented and continues to implement several programs aimed at supporting the private sector. "

    As said the " strategy of developing a coherent private sector and framing Iraq methodology in managing the economy and the distribution of roles between the public and private sectors as well as civil society , "pointing out that" one of the first priorities for the success of the planning and achieve national economy healthy and sustainable lies in adopting implementation of the strategy of the private sector, approved by the Council of Ministers ". For his part, counting industrial expert in the private sector Aqeel al - Saadi strategic" important qualitative leap. "

    However , he linked the importance application programs, criticizing the previous strategies developed and announced and did not apply them something, according to Colh.ala he rejoiced good, especially as the government is relying on the private sector. He also praised the financial expert Thamer al - Azzawi , the announcement strategy, describing it as "important."

    Azzawi highlighted the importance of the development of future plans, but with the need to implement what came in, not survival "ink on paper ".

    As a specialist in the field of trade Ala Hayali, he saw a possibility (this time) to achieve a genuine partnership between the public and private sectors.

    Hayali said that the current time needed for such a partnership, especially since the new strategy put points on the letters.

    It is said that the MP Subhi al - Maliki has counted the partnership between the public and private sector , " the best solution" for the growth of the Iraqi economy.

    Maliki said in a statement: " The partnership between the two sectors is a thing no matter what the means important to maintain economic activity, due to the large role played by the partnership between the two sectors in the development of all sectors , " pointing out that " the partnership between the two sectors are the perfect solution for the growth of the Iraqi economy . " .

    "The focus of the government 's concerns is to bring investment to revitalize the business sector and diversify its funding sources by activating the industrial and agricultural sectors , which can invest that plays an important role in these areas to achieve sustainable development is creating many job opportunities for it had to involve the private sector with the public sector in accordance with the strategies at hand. "

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