The House of representatives vote on the law on protection of witnesses and experts and finish questioning President of Commission of communications in absentia {Extender}

2017/3/11 16:22

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

House voted at its seventeenth regular chaired by Dr Salim Al-Juburi, head of the Council in the presence of 182 deputies Saturday, the law on the protection of witnesses and experts, informers and victims, and finish questioning President of Commission of information and communication in absentia.

Jabouri announced at the outset of the session according to the Chamber of Deputies received alamet {Euphrates news} copy today about "a meeting tomorrow for the members of the Committee of experts chose the independent High Electoral Commission.

The Council voted on the draft law on the protection of witnesses and experts and whistleblowers, victims and of the defence and security committees, integrity and legal in order to ensure the necessary protection of witnesses and informants, victims, experts and their families and ensure the safety and preservation of evidence and crime detection and prevent disinclination for submission in line with the requirements of the international conventions ratified by the Republic of Iraq. "

The Presidency decided to postpone a vote on the proposed law low income housing land titling and of services and reconstruction committees, financial, legal and relevant committees displaced until the final opinion for voting.

Juburi said "the House of representatives and the Council of Ministers to solve the problem of abusers in accordance with legal procedures".

The Council postponed a vote on a Bill repeal of Revolutionary Command Council Decree {disbanded} # {1631} of 1980 and the legal Committee when preparing formula acceptable to law.

By another, the speaker drew attention to a number of Deputies for forming a Committee to monitor border crossings walkmark Committee names will be displayed at the next meeting of the direct supervisory work.

Juburi pointed to the arrival of a book from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs holds details of Mohamed Al-taei mp issue happenings for all Board members to see the final outcome of the case, as well as the consent of the Presidency on the steps of the Istanbul meeting topic at the next meeting.

The Council concluded by questioning the purely religion spring head of communications and Media Commission of Deputy Hanan's PM.

And asked about the Deputy's PM "because dealing with ambivalence about the return of company assets including failure to implement a court ruling returns the fines was otherwise legal context of Zain Telecom, while the money is returned to Cork communications company, she wondered about the target of delayed receipt of communications for body mabzemh body asiacell of sums up to more than 180 billion dinars, while State institutions of austerity."

Councilwoman called Hanan's PM to find out why the proposed project Declaration and 9 projects and draft radio monitoring while monitoring the funds being important projects that exploit the frequencies illegally and benefit economic and security ", noting that" radio monitoring was not implemented for the involvement of some radio stations pay pittance, enquired about the motives of the fourth generation scale grants to non-company licensed by the Board and holds the approval of Kurdistan while refusing requests Other companies to see action taken against the company.

She invited Congresswoman's PM requesting questioning to uncover the reasons behind Christian employee transfer to Najaf despite being an unmarried girl secret pen was engaged in the decisions of the committees of the Board, a sign need to learn why a corporate partnership settlement recommendation with Cork while expanding subscriber numbers ", stating that" termination Cork communications company that serves the company that was awarded money dissolve with Cork company helped to pay the affected company will mabzemtha To resort to international arbitration will be fined "communications and Media Commission.

Jabouri made thanks to Deputy Hanan's PM to turn to question the Chief of media and communications, noting that the context used in previous interrogations was riveted on the display board interrogator answers to the purpose of their conviction, the situation in the case of interrogation of the chief information and communication is different as in absentia and would be entitled to vote on the House convinced the issue of absentee next meeting questioning. "

On most, the Council discussed the topic of peasant dues at the request of Deputy Najib answer truthfully.

And in the interventions of representatives, student Attorney Mohamed Al-halbusi by hosting the premier to discuss some paragraphs of the public budget law and especially for peasants.

Jabouri called representative Government to set a date for the Prime Minister to answer questions from lawmakers.

And was amazed at Councilwoman answer truthfully answer from Kurdistan countrified dues calculated by 17% rather than 80% approved by the Cabinet.

Kaveh's Attorney noted Mohamed to prepare a new draft of the parliamentary resolution on dues to farmers, calling on the Council to vote on it.

Mp called Farhad can need fairness countrified Kurdistan and pay entitlements, the Federal Government approved by the federal budget act like other provinces countrified.

Mp Adnan Janabi stressed the need to pay dues to farmers throughout Iraq in support and encouragement of peasant production permanently.

And noted Mr Aram Sheikh Mohamed Vice-President of the Council to the Office of financial supervision to complete the audit work with stakeholders in Kurdistan, explaining that the failure of the Government to pay farmers and their commitment to its resolutions counts illegal being no excuse causes of non-payment.

And Attorney for Shukri lack public budget law for the year 2017 legislator, forms and is contrary to the Government's decision to halt and redress the peasants.

He drew the League Attorney Zia countrified Salahuddin province received only 50% of the total dues for 2014 and 2017 for wheat and barley.

Lawmaker Hoshyar Abdullah warned of government reluctance to support farmers and agricultural benefits paid because it is a serious indication of the agricultural sector and food security.

Councilwoman called smile hilali protect local product by activating the Iraqi laws.

Turhan Mufti, the Government's representative on the Council of Ministers is determined to provide financial allocations for farmers, noting that there was a misunderstanding in the payment rate and the Government is committed to pay peasants without distinction.

In its reply to interventions, agriculture and water Committee confirmed its support to the demands of financial receivables peasants by the Government, calling for the presence of the Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce Agency to find ways to pay for all the peasants.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the House Committee on agriculture, water and Marsh set up parliamentary resolution formula on reimbursement of peasants in Kurdistan in order to vote.

Then decided to adjourn until next Monday.